Saavi Ki Savaari 17th November 2022 Written Update: Dimpy fails to follow Saavi

Saavi Ki Sawaari 17th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Dadi tells Vedika that she took decision to solve the problem which is happening in between them after Nityam’s marriage. She says that she decided to test Saavi. She adds that Saavi has to prove that she deserves to become Nityam’s wife and daughter in law of this house. Vedika tells her that she is sure that Saavi will pass all of Dadi’s tests. Dadi tells her that tests won’t be easy to pass. 

Himesh asks Dimpy that where is she going at this time. Dimpy tells him that she heard Saavi talking to someone so she is going to follow her. He tells her that they have everything so she should not expect more. He asks her to stop interfering in others life. She tells him that she want to throw Saavi from Nityam’s life. He reminds her that how Nityam took stand for Saavi. He says that yesterday it was just about Saavi’s handmade food but today it’s about Saavi’s character. 

Vedika knocks Saavi’s room door. Saavi wonders that what Vedika doing there at this time. Vedika decides to talk to her later and leaves from there. Himesh asks Dimpy to not play with fire. He says that if Nityam got to know that he deleted the presentation then he is over. Dimpy says that he is coward. She tauntingly tells him to sleep and leaves from there. Saavi hides behind the sofa. Dimpy comes downstairs. She loses her consciousness so Himesh takes her to their room. He says that he mixed sleeping pills in her milk to stop her. He adds that she brings problems for her. 

On the other hand, Saavi drives her auto. She returns home at 5am morning. She decides to sleep till 8am. She notices that Vedika is awake. She goes to her and asks her that if the latter did not sleep. Vedika tells her that Dadi is ready to accept Saavi as daughter in law of this house. She tells her about Akhand Ramayan Path. She asks her to do it for 3 days to impress Dadi. Saavi wonders that how she is going to handle her night duty and this new responsibility. She says that she is scared. She adds that if she failed then Dadi won’t give another chance to her. Vedika tells her that she wants the old Dadi. She asks her to take decision. Saavi tells her that she is accepting the challenge for this family. Vedika hugs her. 

Later, Raju asks Saavi that how is that possible. He reminds her that she has night duty. She tells him that she wants off for tonight. He tells her that they may cancel the project. She says that she just need 2 hours sleep to avoid accidents. Himesh wakes Dimpy up. Dimpy scolds him. He tells her that Vedika gave new responsibility to Saavi. Dimpy laughs. She says that Vedika made her job easy. 

Saavi makes time table for her duty. She asks Thasu to gather everyone. Vedika explains about Akhand Ramayan Path. Saavi takes responsibility for morning. Dimpy takes responsibility for night. 

Episode ends. 

Precap  – Priest asks about Saavi. Meanwhile, Saavi sleeps in the kitchen. 

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