Saavi Ki Sawaari 19th November 2022 Written Update: Nityam prepares ‘prasad’ to help Saavi 

Saavi Ki Sawaari 19th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nityam introduces Saavi to his guests. He notices Saavi mixing lot of sugar. He pushes the tray deliberately to stop her. Sonam says that she will clean it. She sends Saavi to complete the kitchen work. She cleans the floor and goes inside. Nityam goes to the kitchen and he scolds Saavi for trying to insult him before his guests. He notices that she is sleeping. She falls on him and he holds her ( Dhere dhere song plays in the background ). He pick her up and goes to his room. Sonam gets angry seeing that. She goes to Dimpy’s room. She tells Dimpy that everything is going wrong. She informs her that what she saw. 

Nityam makes Saavi lay down on their bed and covers her with blanket. Thasu comes there. He stops her from entering the room. She asks him that if his meeting is over. He tells her that discussion is going on and he came to get relax. She tells him that she need a break after studying a lot. She says that they should hear a music and his room music system is best. He stops her. He asks her to go and study. 

Dimpy asks Sonam that why Saavi was sleeping. Sonam tells her that it’s not a big deal because Saavi must be tired. Dimpy tells her that Saavi left the house at night. Sonam says that she don’t know all that and she is leaving. Thasu tells Nityam that Saavi has to make halwa for prasad. Nityam lies to her that he will tell Saavi about it if he found Saavi then. 

Nityam calls Sonam and asks her to come to his room saying that he need her help. Sonam comes there. Nityam tells her that Saavi is behaving weird since morning. He asks her to stay in his room and keep an eye on Saavi and leaves the room. He calls Nutan and asks her to tell about recipe of halwa. Nutan asks him that where is Saavi. He tells her that Saavi is busy with other works. She gives instructions to him. He makes halwa and he thanks her. Sonam thinks that Saavi sleeping peacefully after snatching everything from her. She picks Dimpy’s call and tells her everything. She sends Saavi’s sleeping photo to her. 

Dadi asks Vedika about prasad. Dimpy tells them that prasad has not been made yet. Vedika says that prasad is Saavi’s responsibility. Dimpy shows Saavi’s photo to them. Nityam tells Vedika that everything is fine and Priest got the prasad. He says that he made prasad. Thasu says that it’s so tasty. She gives prasad to everyone. Vedika asks Nityam that if Saavi is fine. Nityam tells her that Saavi was tired so he told her to take rest and leaves from there. Vedika tells Dadi that husband and wife supporting each other. She says that Nityam and Saavi’s jodi is like shiv and parvati’s jodi. Sonam thinks that she will break that bond. 

Episode ends. 

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