Saavi Ki Sawaari 19th September 2022 Written Update: Dimpy collects proof against Sonam

Saavi Ki Sawaari 19th September 2022 Written Update:on

Episode begins with Saavi tells Nutan and Brijesh that she would not have agreed to sell the house. She says that she will do something to arrange money and leaves from there. Brijesh tells Nutan that Saavi looks tensed and it’s not because of money. On the other hand, Ragav tells Nityam that he send marriage invitation to business associates. Nityam asks him to find out everything about Radhe Shyam. Himesh overhears their conversation. Saavi meets school staff Smita. She agrees to pick and drop the students.

Vedika asks Nutan to not worry about marriage expenses. Nutan tells her that she can’t accept all these gifts. Vedika tells her that she is just helping her younger sister. She says that Nityam prepone the marriage so how Nutan can handle everything alone in this two days. She gives cheque book to Sonam. She asks her to use it for marriage shopping. Sonam accepts the cheque book which shocks Nutan. Saavi comes there and she takes Vedika’s blessings. She notices the gifts.

She tells Vedika that they can’t accept those gifts. She says that they can handle the marriage expenses. She tells her that they saved everything for Sonam’s marriage already. She returns the cheque book to Vedika. She says that Vedika’s blessings are enough for them. Vedika tells Nutan that Saavi’s future in laws are really lucky. She asks Sonam and Ananya to get ready for dance practice. She says that Dimpy arranged choreographer already.

After some time, Nutan praises Saavi for saving her respect in front of Vedika. Himesh tells Dimpy that Sonam’s boyfriend name is Radhe Shyam. He says that Nityam already knows about Radhe Shyam. Sonam ignores Shivam’s calls. Dimpy asks her to pick the call. Sonam goes aside to pick a call. Shivam asks her to meet him in their favorite coffee shop. Dimpy asks Sonam that what happened. Sonam tells her that she has a work to do in the house. Dimpy asks her to go. She says that she will give recording to Ananya and Sonam can practice later. She asks her to not worry about anything. Sonam thanks her and leaves from there. Dimpy thinks that she has to see Sonam’s boyfriend.

Shivam gets in Saavi’s auto. He asks her to drop him in the coffee shop. She drops him at the coffee shop. Dimpy sees them together. She misunderstands that Saavi knows about Shivam and Sonam. Shivam back hugs Sonam. He places kiss on her forehead. Dimpy records everything. Shivam asks Sonam to take him to her house. She tells him that she will take him tomorrow.

Later, Dimpy tells Vedika that she invited everyone to Nityam’s marriage. Himesh asks Dimpy that why she did not show the video to Vedika. She tells him that she will play this video on marriage day, in front of everyone. Ananya teaches dance steps to Sonam. She says that she is hungry. Saavi takes her to the kitchen. Ratna tells Sonam that they have to ruin Shivam’s catering business. Sonam tells her that they are not criminals. Ratna tells her that it’s necessary to do this.

Episode ends.

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