Saavi Ki Sawaari 1st November 2022 Written Update: Sonam celebrates her birthday with Shivam and Saavi

Saavi Ki Sawaari 1st November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nutan tells Sonam that she heard everything. Sonam wonders that if Nutan got to know about her intention. Nutan says that she saw a mature Sonam today. She tells her that she won’t forgive her if the latter repeat her mistake then. Sonam realises that Nutan forgave her and hugs her. She thanks her. Nutan goes inside. Sonam opens the door hearing door knocking sound.

Shivam enters the house with a cake. He screams happy birthday to her. She drags him out of the house. She asks him that why he came. He tells her that he came to celebrate her birthday. Dillu comes there. Sonam calls him as Dillu uncle. She introduces Shivam to him. Dillu says that he heard a lot about Shivam. He notices Ratna and goes to her.

Sonam reminds Shivam that her family don’t know about their relationship. Saavi comes there and learns that Shivam came to celebrate Sonam’s birthday. She thinks that Nityam is inside the house. Shivam tells her he want to witness Sonam cutting birthday cake. He says that he brought his favourite pineapple cake.

Ratna asks Dillu that why he came. Dillu tells her that he want money. She tells him that she don’t have money. She tells him to leave before Shivam finds out that Drilogy is Dillu and goes inside.

Sonam cut her birthday cake. Saavi thinks that she can see love for Sonam in Shivam’s eyes. Nityam asks Ananya for one more pillow. They hears Nityam’s voice. Sonam sends Shivam from there. Nityam comes downstairs. He notices a cake and eats it. He recalls that how his father brought pineapple cake because that’s his and his brother’s favourite cake. Nutan gets surprised seeing how Nityam eating the cake like a kid. He stops when he felt Nutan’s presence. She tells him that she witnessed a small kid now. She blesses him and wipes his mouth and leaves from there.

Dillu tells Shivam that he heard the latter searching Drilogy. He tells him that he can help him to find Drilogy. He demands money from him.

Vedika calls Saavi and tells her that she is not able to believe that Nityam spending the night there. She asks him that if he talked to everyone well. Saavi tells her that Nityam mingled with everyone very well. She says that Nityam is not comfortable with her only. She adds that she feel like she lack something. Vedika asks her to not think like that. She says that Saavi is perfect and disconnects the call.

Nityam recalls about Goyal family issues. He calls Kiran and asks him to arrange money. Next day, Nityam puts the money on the table. He requests Goyal family to use that money. Nutan refuses to use that money. Saavi tells Nityam that she know his intention is not wrong but they can’t accept this money because they did not earn this money. Sonam asks her to leave self respect and understand Nityam’s emotions. Nityam says that he really want to help them. He wonders that why Saavi is not accepting the money.

Vedika comes there and wishes happy Diwali to them. She says that now Saavi has to fulfill the responsibilities of daughter in law of Dalmias. She asks Nityam to put the money in the bag. She says that she can understand what would have happened. She tells Saavi to get ready. She goes to kitchen with Nutan. Nityam tells Saavi that now he understood she acted to impress Vedika.

Episode ends.

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