Saavi Ki Sawaari 3rd November 2022 Written Update: Sonam ruins the agarbatti contract

Saavi Ki Sawaari 3rd November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Vedika stops Saavi from going near house temple. Meanwhile, Media reporter Divya asks Nityam that if he came to threaten her. Nityam tells her that he just came to tell her that why he told her to leave the house. He tries to explain the matter to her. Rajan tells Munna that he can’t leave like this. Munna tells him that few minutes back only they insulted him. Dimpy says that this year bad omen happened. She says that God is angry with them. Dadi gets worried. Vedika tells her that everything will be fine. Nityam tells Divya that she can show her story the way she wants. He learns about fire accident and leaves from there.

Rajan and other auto drivers enters the house and saves the God idols. Nityam notices fire extinguisher in Saavi’s auto and he takes it. He also joins auto drivers to stop the fire from spreading. Saavi goes near house temple. Everyone sees that God idols are safe. Rajan tells Saavi that they saved God idols. Auto drivers are about to leave but Nityam stops them. Nityam says that them to join Saavi for puja. Dadi thanks auto drivers.

Nityam and Saavi performs puja. Vedika thinks that she is happy seeing Nityam and Saavi together. She hope that they support each other and stay together always. Thasu says that nothing bad can happen in this house until Saavi is there. Sonam recalls that how Dimpy said that Nityam will stop caring about the her if the agarbati contract got successful then. She burns them.

Saavi recalls that how Nityam told auto drivers to join for puja. Nityam watches Divya’s story. Divya praises Nityam in her story. Saavi comes there and tells him that everyone cleaned the house. She notices the news. She gets surprised seeing that. She asks him to increase the volume. He switch off the TV. He tells her that he did not reach this place easily. He says that he lost so much and he did so much hard work. He tells her that she is trouble in his life and he can’t do anything about it. She tells him that she did not invited them to celebrate diwali. She asks him that what exactly she should do. He asks her to forget her world if she want to mingle in his house then. He says that she can do this much atleast and leaves from there.

Ratna notices the agarbati packets. She calls everyone. Everyone gets shocked seeing that except Sonam. Sonam says that everything got ruined. Next day, Thasu says that she is so excited because today is Bhai dooj. She asks Girdhar to prepare many things. She asks Saavi to promise to protect her like Nityam. She calls Nityam and asks him to get ready. Nityam tells her that he know he has to eat her handmade food today.

Dimpy says that she can’t let Nityam stay happy. She says that her family also cut all ties with her due to Nityam. Sonam says that they have to give twenty thousand rupees to Lakshmi narayan trust fund guy. Ratna asks Nutan to tell everything to Saavi. Nutan tells her that they can’t tell anything to Saavi and Nityam. Vedika and Saavi helps Thasu in kitchen work.

Episode ends.

Precap – Thasu asks Nityam to go for honeymoon as her Bhai dooj gift. Dimpy informs Sonam about honeymoon plan. Sonam tells her that she will do something.

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