September 19, 2019
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Sabrina threatens Mariya about her son

Colours TV popular late-night show “Vish” is heading towards some spicy drama in the upcoming episodes of the daily. The flick is already popular and the unusual projection of supernatural elements over here has made the show more appealing and interesting for the audience.

A couple of Aditya and Aliya is a hit among the masses and currently, the story has out every viewer out there to roll their eyes on every twist and turns. No love story can be complete without the third angle the show is no different.

While Aditya and Aliya have begun to form a feeling for each other, Katrina is here to get Aditya and the engagement of them have taken place already. Though Aditya is not happy with the alliance. In the upcoming episodes, this marriage preparations can bring trouble in the life of Aditya, Alia, Katrina, and Sabrina.

In the previous episode, we had seen Aditya and Katrina exchanges their ring while Aliya is left heartbroken about the entire scenario. She started to avoid Aditya and wanted to focus on her agenda of being present there. On the other hand, Maria comes to her and approached her to go through the books which have kept so many information and dark secrets about Vishkanya and Vishlok.

Aliya decides to focus on her work of gathering information about Vishkanya. Here Sabrina is caught in big trouble when Katrina store her eyes in which she kept all her powers stored. Katrina got to know from Maria that Sabrina’s power is her eyes. Without them, she is as helpless as a human being.

Katrina stole her eyes when she is washing her face. Today an infuriated Sabrina will threaten Maria of losing her son forever if not she helps her in finding out her eyes. She instructs Maria to look for eyes and meanwhile she kept the housemates under the impression of having some eye infection.

Will Aliya be able to solve the mystery of Vishkanya? Will Aditya ever realize who is Katrina and what is her true identity? To know more keep watching this space.

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