Sahas and Pragati’s close moment made Raghbir to hurt himself in Bepanah Pyaar

Show Bepanah Pyaar will witness high voltage drama in the upcoming episode.

In the show so far, Pragati doubts Harshit and decides to catch him red-handed if he is cheating upon Raghbir. There, Raghbir practices the way to apologize Pragati. He goes to meet Pragati and spots Pragati and Sahas spending time together.

Afterwards, Harshit ask Raghbir to sign on the papers. Pragati enters Raghbir’s cabin and ask him why he signs on the paper without checking. Raghbir says to Pragati that Harshit has seen it and he trust him a lot. Further, Pragati announces about the personal lawyer. She tells to Raghbir and Pragati that she has hired a personal lawyer and from now she will recheck all the papers before signing. Raghbir asks Pragati he understands that she is doing because he signed on the papers brought by Harshit without seeing it. Praati ask him he can think whatever he wants to.

Later, Kunti does drama and traps Raghbir by blackmailing him emotionally. Raghbir promises to Kunti that because of Pragati difference will never come between him and Harshit. Kunti smiles wickedly.

Ahead, Raghbir comes to Pragati and ask her to sign the papers. Pragati says to Raghbir that she doesn’t trust anyone and refuses to sign on the papers. Raghbir forces Pragati to sign the papers.

Now in the upcoming sequence will see, things will take an ugly turn after Raghbir will see Sahas and Pragati together.

Sahas will catch Pragati as she will about to faint and will hold her in his arms. Raghbir will spot the duo together and will misunderstand them. He will break his all the ties with Pragati and will begin to hurt himself out of jealously. Keep watching Bepanah pyaar.

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