Sahas to create more misunderstanding between Pragati and Raghbir: Bepanah Pyaar

Show Bepanah Pyaar will next see, Pragati’s smart move to enter Malhotra house to save Raghbir from Kunti.

Colors TV show Bepanah Pyaar so far has seen, Pragati jumping off from the cliff and Raghbir gets shattered. Raghbir accuses himself for Pragati’s condition and goes numb. He gets the funeral invitation of Pragati’s death and goes crazy. Raghbir calls out for Pragati and about to burn his hand when at the same time Pragati arrives and stops him. Kunti gets irked seeing Pragati and ask how she is alive. Raghbir too questions the same thing to Pragati. Pragati lies to them and says she is back to take what belongs to her.

Pragati tells to Raghbir that since is Bani and his legally wedded wife thus she owns 51% of his property and house. Raghbir accuses Pragati from stopping so low and Pragati decides to enter the house so that she can protect Raghbir from Kunti and other evils. Afterwards, Sahas comes to pick Pragati and Raghbir stands shocked. Kunti manipulates Raghbir and says Pragati might be in affair with the boy who came to pick her up and now she will waste all their money on him. Raghbir tells to Kunti that she can take money but can never gain his love.

Now in the upcoming sequence will see, Raghbir will hate Pragati more. There, Sahas will try to make his place in Pragati’s heart.

Kunti will decide to confront Raghbir after she will reluctant to accept Pragati’s decision. Menawhile, Sahas will ask Pragati to forget Raghbir.

Do Sahas is falling for Pragati or trapping Pragati? Do Raghbir will be able to crack Pragati’s lie and will learn Kunti’s truth? Well, for all the answers keep watching the show mon-fri on Colors TV.

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