SaiRat FF Unexpected Love: Chapter 04

Bhuvana in her anger says with tear filled eyes “I have struggled a lot without your father alone in this world. I can’t anymore. You have to marry him. He is an amazing guy. I feel like killing myself with your this attitude Sai” Sai hearing her shouts at her “You go and marry him if he is that good and if you feel like dying then better Kill yourself” The moment she completed her words she gets slapped. She looks on shocked seeing the person who slapped her. Tears flows from her eyes seeing him and she says with her voice breaking “Uncle” The person who slapped her is none other than ninad who always loved her more than his own son.

Ninad looking at her with anger and disappointment says “I have never expected this from you Sai. You have disappointed me today. Your mother struggled a lot for you, loved you, protected you and sacrificed her life for you and you are behaving like this with her. You disappointed me Sai. I have supported you till now but now I am with your Mother after the way you have behaved with her. Have you ever seen Virat talking back to me or humiliating me like you did to your mother. You are topper in studies but when it comes to manners, you are zero. Learn from virat as to how to respect elders” Virat feels good hearing his words as this is the first time he had appreciated him that too being disappointed with Sai. It feels soo good. He just can’t wait to say this to pakhi and share his happiness with her. Sai feels very guilty and low hearing his words. She knows how much he loved her and she knows if he had reacted this way with her then it is sure she had gone wrong somewhere. She can’t see disappointment in his eyes.

She closes her eyes and deciding something goes to virat who looks at her tensed wondering whether she got to know about his plan. Sai standing infront of him asks him “Should I get married virat?” Virat looks at her shocked and confused as to why she is asking him. She asked him because she thought he also somewhere has feelings for her and moreover she always thought of him as her best friend while it is totally opposite for virat. Virat felt a little bad looking at her like that, she has never been soo broken like this but he remembered his plan and pakhi and he has to do this for pakhi atleast, the woman who is waiting for him with hopes and stars in her eyes. He looked into her eyes and said “Sai, if your mother is soo sure about the groom and she wants you to get married as she wants to secure your future and settled in life then you should get married Sai. She is thinking for your best only. She is your mother Sai hence you should respect her” Sai is completely broken hearing his words. She never expected him to say those but then looking into his eyes, she saw the hidden hatred finally which she always missed to notice. She don’t know why he has hatred for her. She turned and told to everyone present there “I am ready to marry, I am ready to marry whoever you want me to” Everyone is shocked with her words. Sai giving one look to virat leaves from there. Ninad goes to virat who is standing shocked and asks him “What did you say that she agreed to marry?” Virat shakes his head and shrugs his shoulder saying he don’t know. He himself is confused with her reaction but never the less he is happy to be finally rid of his long time enemy Sai. He just can’t wait to share it with pakhi and leaves from there to his room happily.

Virat is talking on Phone with pakhi sharing everything that happened. Even pakhi is shocked would be an understatement. He told her about his plan that led here. Pakhi finally getting the reason smirks evilly in happiness as she finally defeated Sai not knowing the storm that is about to hit her.