SaiRat FF| Unexpected Love: Chapter 12

Virat looks at his father in shock but tells him with confidence “I know dad. You will never do something like that. No father will do that. Who will want to give away their property for a chit of a girl over their son. I know you that much dad. This is all your threats to make me marry that female and I will never do that. Your this threats not gonna work with me”

Ninad gives a smirk to virat and shakes his head in disagreement and tells him “No Virat. You are really underestimating him. I can very well do that. I can very well give up the property for Sai. You don’t know me virat. You don’t know how much I love Sai and how much she matters to me. I will definitely do it. I can do anything to secure Sai’s life no matter if it means giving up on the property and making it on the name of the person whoever marries her”.. Virat looks at Ninad shocked. It is hard for him to believe what he just heard. Virat looks at him shocked.

Ninad saying that “I will come back to you tomorrow Virat and my decision will be dependent on your decision. Please think wisely instead of being a fool. Trust me I will definitely do what I just said no matter what” He leaves from there after warning virat. Virat sits on the bed shocked not knowing what to say or do. For a moment he felt like saying just do what you want to and give your property whoever you want to but then he got scared and worried thinking what if he does what he says. He soo wanted to be sure that his father will never do something like this but then he saw that madness and determination in his eyes to secure Sai’s future and hence he shouldn’t be shocked if something like that really happens. He is lost in his thoughts still shocked with his father’s words when he gets a call from pakhi. He has been ignoring her from yesterday. He don’t know how to tell her what has happened in the wedding. He don’t know how to tell her about how Sai stopped her wedding from happening and what she did with him. He felt disgusted knowing that he let something like that happen. He knows that his innocent and kind pakhi will be broken knowing this as she is too good for this world and she loves him more than anyone ever loved anyone in this world. But not wanting to keep her in dark and not wanting to hurt her anymore, he lifts the call.

Virat lifting the call says “I am sorry baby. I was really in such a big problem that I had no time to call and I was not in the condition to call you and tell you what happened as you will be broken knowing what happened in here.

On the other side of the phone Pakhi is confused with his words. She failed to understand what he is saying and what does he mean by she will be broken. Pakhi is suddenly feeling scared with his words. She is also having a feeling like something unpleasant happened from yesterday but she didn’t give it a heed as she was happy about the wedding. Today hearing his words, she knows that something terrible happened which she may didn’t like at all.

Pakhi not able to contain her curiousity and fear asks him with shaking voice “What happened virat? What are you talking about? Why are you saying that it is going to break me? What actually happened virat? Is it something soo terrible that is going to affect our lives?”

Virat with broken voice tells her “Yes. It is very terrible Pakhi. Everything we planned got against us. We planned to snatch her offer to study in Dubai so that I can take her place and get a chance to come to dubai and spend time with you. We planned to get her married so that she can never go forward in het studies and created fights between her and Bhuvana aunty but something we didn’t expect happened there and now our plan back fired in a way w
e can’t get out of it. I don’t know what to do now Pakhi” Pakhi who is hearing his words from the other side got scared knowing that their plan backfired..

To Be Continued..

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