SaiRat FF: Unexpected Love| Chapter 14

Virat says feeling happy “Thank You pakhi. Thank you for coming into my life. You are the only one who loves and understands me more than anyone in this world. No one understands me like you do and no one cares for me like you do to me pakhi. I am lucky to have you in my life baby. Thank You. Thank You and I love you more than anyone in this world”

Pakhi listening him rolls her eyes. Here she is curious to know what happened there and here he is desperately confessing his so called love as if he cares. She soo don’t want to say I don’t care but then she is not a fool to do so and lose her strong weapon. His immense love for her will help her in hurting Sai and getting all his property. If she marries him she can be the queen and live her life the way she wants with her so called husband who listens to everything she says and follows her everywhere like a dog.

Pakhi says in a fake loving and sweet tone “I know baby. I know how much you love me and I love you the most in this World. You are my reason to live”

Virat replies “I know.. I know pakhi and that is what keeping me strong from yesterday”

Pakhi tells him now getting irritated with him streatching the thing out instead of replying her and telling her the issue “Yeah you do baby. Now tell me what has happened. I am losing my mind thinking about what must have happened in the marriage. Just tell me clearly. Now no more streatching it out” Pakhi is now enough of him showing his so called gratefulness and love.

Virat wipes his tears with the back of his hand and tells her “The marriage has stopped pakhi” before he continues pakhi says “Yeah you told that before only and now tell me the reason”

Virat tells her “Just let me continue this pakhi. Don’t talk in between when I am talking”

Pakhi says “Okay and please tell me what happened?”

Virat says “The marriage has stopped because, because Sai has hugged me infront of everyone in the marriage hall and kissed me infront of everyone. I still don’t understand as to how she got the guts to do such a cheap thing infront of everyone. It’s disgusting. She kissed me like that without my consent and now is stubborn that she will marry only me”

Pakhi gets angry hearing him. She can’t believe Sai has stooped to that level just to get back at them. She knows her enough to understand she didn’t kiss she can’t marry another man because of her love. It’s because she came to know something about their plan and has done such a thing. Pakhi thought to take advantage of this as well. She don’t want to let go of this chance. Instead she will use this chance to increase the hatred in his heart for her.

Pakhi starts fake sobbing. She sobs hard. Virat panics hearing her cry. He has hurt her by telling her the truth and he knows it. But it is Sai who has done it. He is not a cheater. He is not the one to stoop low but it’s Sai.

Virat tells her with broken voice “Listen to me baby. Please don’t cry. I didn’t cheat on you. You know me better. It’s her. It’s her who kissed me without my consent. She just came running to me and kissed me infront of everyone. I was myself in shock pakhi. I was never expecting that. I was expecting that creature to get married and get away from my life but everything got reversed and such a disgusting thing happened. Please trust me pakhi. I love you” Virat tells her desperately wanting to stop her crying but she kept on take sobbing to get his sympathy and attention.

Virat hears her sobbing and his heart breaks. He begs her desperately wanting to make her understand “I love you baby. Please trust me. I beg you. Please just stop crying. Just trust me” She still keeps on sobbing and didn’t listen to him. Virat swears on himself wanting to make her stop crying “Stop crying pakhi. I am swearing on myself pakhi” Pakhi stops crying making him close his eyes with a sigh of relief.

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