SaiRat FF| Unexpected Love: Chapter 16

Pakhi wants to know what his father said so that she can think of a way to make her plan work. So she asks him “Then what happened Virat? How did your family react to this? Most importantly how did Ninad uncle react?” Virat stays silent hearing her questions. He has no courage to tell her how his family has forced him to marry Sai. He is feeling soo low that he is forced to do such a thing. Pakhi as him the same question again and gets tensed seeing him silent. She asks him again “I am asking you one last time virat. After that I will cut the call and will never lift your call” Virat panics hearing her say that and tells her “Never do that baby. I won’t be able to live without you. I will die” Pakhi rolls her eyes, keeping her hand on her forehead. This guy is getting on her nerves. She asks him “Then tell me Virat otherwise I will cut the call” Virat closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He has to tell her anyway and it is better if he tells her now. She will definitely give him a better idea. He encourages himself to be courageous and about to tell her but she cuts the call irritated with him and his silence as she said before making him tensed.

Virat tries her to call her and tell her the matter but she ignores his call cutting it. He keeps calling her while on the other side Pakhi is enjoying his desperation. Even though she wanted to know what his father said, the enjoyment she is getting from torturing him like this is amazing. Finally after almost his thirty five calls she lifts his call making him sigh in relief. But before he could say anything pakhi tells him and apologises “I am sorry virat. Sorry for behaving immature with you. It’s just I am broken with all the happenings and that is making me weak. So you stayed silent I got angry and cut your call. My intention was not to torture you like that. Please forgive me” Virat smiles hearing her apology. She may at times behave bad with him because of her anger but she is very good at heart and it’s her immaturity and childishness that makes her behave that way otherwise no one can be as good as her. Virat smiles through his broken heart and tells her “It’s okay pakhi.

It was my mistake too. I wouldn’t have stayed silent. I know how much in pain you are but still I stayed silent thinking about it. May be I would have behaved the same way. So please no apologies” Pakhi rolls her eyes at his melodramatic words and asks him “Now tell me what did your father say Virat” Virat nods and then realising she won’t be able to see him tells her “After that disgusting creature said that she will only marry me and won’t marry anyone else in this world, My so called dad assured her mother that he won’t let Sai’s life get ruined and he will do anything for her. He left from there promising her. I knew what was going in his mind so I just ignored him and came to my room. My so called father then followed me and before he can ask me to marry her, I told him that I don’t want to marry her and I hate her. We both then got into an argument.

My father said that he will male the property on the name of the person who marries Sai. I was shocked but then I told him that I know he won’t do that to which he said that he will do it for sure if it means fixing Sai’s life. He left warning me Pakhi. I don’t know what to do now. I am all alone and confused. What should I do now baby? I wants to leave this property so that I can marry you but then if I have to give you a luxurious life then I shouldn’t let go of this property. But then if I marry you, my father won’t give me the property. What should I do now Pakhi? Will you marry me? I will make sure to give you the best life possible” Virat promises her but Pakhi is shocked with the happenings. She doesn’t know what to do now. She then prepares a plan in her and tells him.

To Be Continued..

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