SaiRat FF: Unexpected Love| Chapter 17

Virat tells Pakhi “My so called father then followed me and before he can ask me to marry her, I told him that I don’t want to marry her and I hate her. We both then got into an argument. My father said that he will male the property on the name of the person who marries Sai. I was shocked but then I told him that I know he won’t do that to which he said that he will do it for sure if it means fixing Sai’s life. He left warning me Pakhi. I don’t know what to do now. I am all alone and confused. What should I do now baby? I wants to leave this property so that I can marry you but then if I have to give you a luxurious life then I shouldn’t let go of this property. But then if I marry you, my father won’t give me the property. What should I do now Pakhi? Will you marry me? I will make sure to give you the best life possible” Virat promises her but Pakhi is shocked with the happenings.

She doesn’t know what to do now. She then prepares a plan in her mind and tells him. “Why would you leave your property and let that Sai win. You know her, you know how evil she is. She will cash on this situation. We shouldn’t let that happen. We shouldn’t let her win. We should think of a way to defeat her Virat. What you are trying to do is cowardness and I can’t live with a coward. I agree I Love You but then just because how can I live with a coward. What if you run away the same way if another problem arises in the future. Don’t do that. Don’t let her win and me lose. She is evil and to defeat the evil, we should become evil as well. If you want to stay with then you have to let me win” Virat gets shocked hearing her. He can’t believe his innocent pakhi can talk this way with him. Apart from that he can’t believe she is thinking of becoming an evil. “But then she might have lost her patience because of Sai and is completely broken with the news that’s why she is behaving like this” Virat thinks and tells her “I will listen to everything you say Pakhi. I will follow your words and I know if you have decided on something then we will definitely win. I don’t want to be a coward and let her win”

Pakhi sighs in relief and tells him “I am sorry baby. I just lost it when you said that you are accepting the defeat. I don’t want to see my love lose. I can’t see injustice happening to you Virat. I Love You”

Virat smiles hearing her and tells her “I know Pakhi. You don’t need to apologise. I never misunderstand you. I know your heart baby. I Love You too. Don’t worry I am not hurt” Pakhi smirks hearing him. She will win anyways. She will never let that Sai win this game. She has started it and she will be the one to end it. She is not going to let her win over her. She will defeat her in this no matter what. She won all rhe time but this time she will do something which will not only let her win over her but also will break Sai. She don’t care about Virat. She only loves his property and herself. She wants to hurt Sai and show her low. For that she can do anything.

Pakhi tells him “Okay Virat. Now listen to me carefully. Don’t panic. Just do what I tell you to do. Trust me with this, nothing will go wrong” Virat nods but then realising she can’t see him tells her “I will do exactly what you want me to do baby. I love you and to stay with you forever, I can do anything”

Pakhi smirks hearing him. She knows he can do anything and now she will use his love to backfire Sai’s plan and then ruin her life. She herself has given her a chance to ruin her life. She herself has stepped into the pit. Now nothing can save her from her. She is going to snatch everything from her. Her love, her family and her modesty.

To Be Continued..

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