SaiRat FF| Unexpected Love: Chapter 24

Ninad yells at her “You are asking me to stay silent. Haven’t you seen how he has planned everything against you. He has created rift between you Mother and Daughter. He not for once thought about you or your pain. All he saw was his benefits in it. All he chose is to hurt you and now you are asking me to let him go without teaching him a lesson”

Sai looks at and tells him “We are not letting him go uncle. I won’t let him go. I will do everything in me to teach him a lesson. He has done a huge mistake by getting in between my studies and creating fight between me and my mother. How can I let him go without punishing him uncle? But your way of punishing will only make him more stubborn and bitter but My plan will definitely teach him a lesson. Trust me uncle”

Ninad nods his head hearing her amd asks her “What have you planned Sai” Sai tells him her plan of breaking her marriage with Manik and marrying Virat. He agrees to go with the plan.

Sai comes out of her thoughts when her Mother calls her. Sai gives her a smile and they both go to the dining to have their dinner.

On the other hand Virat has his dinner with his family. He doesn’t talk to anyone in tbe house as he was angry at that moment. He wants to be alone but he also is hungry. So he chose to fill his stomach with some food so that he can get enough energy to fight with them and to teach Sai a good lesson that she will be scared to even look at him. He leaves from there after having his dinner without looking at anyone. They watch him leave but didn’t say anything to him. Aishwarya and Ninad look at each other raising their eye brows. They know their son is angry with them but they don’t care about it much at that moment as he needs to be taught a lesson.

Virat enters his room and closing the door,he punches the wall in anger. He wabted to punch Sai at that moment but he knows hr can’t do that. He decides to release his anget by shouting at her hence he calls her.

Sai who just entered her room sees her mobile ringing. She wonders as to why he is calling her at that moment. She thinks for a moment and finally lifts the call.

Virat furiously tells her “I know you have the purpose for doing what you are doing Sai. I know you wants to trouble me and you may think that you have won but what you don’t know is you are wrong. You didn’t win and it’s the starting phase of your troubles. Trust me Sai six months from now, you will regret for marrying me. You will regret for thinking to trouble me. I will cause you soo many troubles and throw problems on your way Sai. You will be scared to even look at me”

Before he can continue Sai laughs at his words. She laughs even though it is hurting to hear such words from him. The man whose Life she once wahted to fill with happiness and love, the man whom she once loved like he is her Life wants to make her suffer which he already did. He wants to cause troubles to her. He wants to hurt her and she wants to do the same now. He was successful in making her cry because she loved him then but now she don’t love him anymore. She hates hin and wants to teach him how hard Life can be if he ever messrs with her.

Virat gets confused hearing her laugh. He can feel the hurt in her laugh but he ignored it and only focused on his anger. He asks her furiously “why the hell are you laughing Sai? Do I look like a comedian to you?”

Sai stops laughing hearing him and tells him “Yeah you look like one to me. Infact you are a comedian. I mean even after you being helpless at the moment, you still though you can trouble me. Sorry to break your bubble but Virat it’s going to be very hard for you. Infact I will make it hard for you and trust me darling, I am always the winner and I will win this time too. Be ready” Virat gets furious hearing her.

To Be Continued..

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