SaiRat FF: Unexpected Love| Chapter 27

Virat waits for them to say what he is expecting so that Pakhi and him can implement their plan in Dubai. Ninad says “If so then you should take Sai with you as well. She is your wife and you can’t leave her here just after their Marriage” Virat acts like he is not happy and says “Dad no need for her to come. She will be fine hete with you people”

Sai who thought that he is trying to escape from her says “Even I have wrote the entrace exam and got a seat in Dubai, you know that Virat. Even I want to pursue my education there. Don’t act like you are the only one who is going to continue his education. Don’t try to escape from me by giving your education as a reason because I am as educated or more educated than you” Sai tells him with pride and Virat smirks hearing her. He makes an angry face just to pretend like he is unhappy with her words and leaves from there. Ninad asks him whether he is taking Sai with him while leaving to which Virat just gives a nod and leaves from there not wanting to stay there anymore. Ninad has a huge smile on his face as the Marriage is going to happen not knowing the evil plans of his son.

Virat calls Pakhi and tells her “Our plan is successful Pakhi. They are trapped” Pakhi smiles happily hearing it and tells him “I am happy about it but I also want you to know that I am doing this for you and our happiness” Virat says to her “I know Pakhi. I know you more than anyone and you don’t have to tell me this. I know whatever you do will be only for us” Pakhi smiles evilly. In a way she is right. She is doing this only for them to be together and also to punish Sai and to make her life hell. She tells him “Now do what I say to you”

Virat says “Tell Me Pakhi” Pakhi tells him “You marry Sai but not in a registration office. Your marriage should happen in a temple with no one but just you and yours family”

Virat asks her “How can I do thar Pakhi. They won’t listen to me. They will definitely get us married in court”

Pakhi tells him “For that you needs to register before at least one week but you guys still didn’t register your marriage. So what I want to tell you is, you will go to your parents and tell them that you have to leave to Dubai in three days and the tickets are already booked. You should tell them that you need to be in Dubai on the third day for sure and if not your chance to study in your favourite college will be snatched. Tell them that you don’t want to give up on this university and if they try to snatch it from you then you will blame them and the marriage your entire Life. Also tell them that you will never consider her your family and will always hate her if your chance to pursue your education abroad in your favourite gets snatched from you. Tell them you will never consider this Marriage and will live like you are not married if they try to snatch this chance from you.

Trust me Virat, this will work” Virat nods. Even he has the trust that it will work. Because all they care for is Sai and all they wants is her happiness and if they feel that something can effect her life and her happiness then they will do anything to wipe out that. He smirks to himself but then his smirk vanishes and his face loses it’s colours as he realises that he is trying to hurt his family and is betraying them. He just can’t believe from where he has gone from what. He is not really happy to do what he is going to do. He don’t want to do it but then his own parents betrayed him and has blackmailed him to Marry Sai. They made him helpless and left no choice other than marrying her. And he has no choice other than teaching them a lesson as of now. He can’t let them go without punishing them because it will mean that he doesn’t respect himself.

To Be Continued..

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