Saltanat and Madhav decides to help Zaroon: Sufiyana Pyaar Mera

Star Bharat show Sufiyana Pyaar Mera is witnessing high voltage drama.

So far in the episodes it is seen, Saltanat regains her memory and reunites with Zaroon. Kaynaat gets angry seeing Saltanat and Zaroon and decides to harm the duo. But before she reacts, Saltanat stabs Kaynaat. Kaynaat dies and inspector ask to send Kaynaat’s body for post mortem, as they want to arrest the person who is responsible for Kaynaat’s death. Here, Saltanat rescues Madhav and Krish and brings them to her home. Later, inspector takes Zaroon to the jail because they got Kaynat’s letter that reads if anything happens to her than Zaroon is responsible.

Saltanat and Madhav worries for Zaroon and Madhav assure Saltanat that he will bring Zaroon back.

Saltanat and Madhav try to help Zaroon but they don’t succeed. Other side, hamza doubts Madhav’s intension and alerts Nilam.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Saltanat gets shocked seeing a lady at Madhav’s house.

Indu calls Saltanat and informs her that Kris’s allergy has started and she forgot medicine at her house. Saltanat says she will bring the medicine. She goes to Madhav’s house and get shocked seeing another lady at his house.

Who is the lady at Madhav’s house? Do Saltanat and Madhav will be able to rescue Zaroon? What will be Saltanat’s next move to save Zaroon? Well, for all the answers keep watching Sufiyana Pyaar Mera, mon-sat on Star Bharat.

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