November 13, 2019
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Saltanat to die in Sufiyana Pyar Mera?

Star Bharat popular show “Sufiyana Pyaar Mera” recently turned into a crime series exclusively conducted and accomplished by Kainaat in recent episodes. The supposed to be the love story of Saltanat and Zaroon is currently turned into an obsession series of Kainaat. Recently she has caused at least three lives to death in the family.

First, she killed Miyajaan then she buried Zainab alive behind the wall and now Saltanat who is already fell prey of her madness is fighting the last battle for her life. Actually, everyone in the house thinks that the person who is lying on the bed fighting for her life is Kainaat but actually she is Saltanat. Kainaat is currently becoming happy to see her plan is working in a proper way.

In the recent past episodes of the show, Dr. Sharma who came to treat Saltanat gives them the ultimatum that it is almost not possible to revive Saltanat aka Kainaat anymore. Taking this opportunity, Kainaat aka Saltanat asks Zaroon to take off the real Saltanat’s oxygen mask and sets her free.

In tonight’s episode, Zaroon who is feeling extremely uneasy and uncomfortable to do so gets shocked when at the end moment light goes off and Saltanat breathes her last in the show. All the family members get sad and mourn her loss when a stranger is watching all these from a distance.

Later on, Zaroon who is extremely disturbed with all the events are taking place at home makes a shocking confession to Kainaat. Kainaat will leave dumbstruck to listen to his words while the family members get worried for Zaroon. Will Saltanat lose the battle for her life or there are some layers lying beneath it? Keep watching this space for more such interesting updates about this show.

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