Sandhya to doubt Angad’s behavior in Kawach

Next in Colors TV Kawach will see Sandhya will suspect Angad’s behavior.

So far in the episodes it is seen, Sandhya and Angad get successfully married. Kapil take over Angad’s body and romances with Sandhya. Kapil as Angad pulls Sandhya closer he starts romancing with her but at the same time Angad’s cousin bangs the door. He gets irked seeing them.

Kapil as Angad again tries to get close to Sandhya. He started whispering something in her ear but again gets interrupted by Rubi. Angad shouts at her for disturbing him. Later, Kapil keeps a hand on Sandhya’s stomach and gets happy thinking that he has waited for this day since ages.

Ahead, Kapil thanks Nisha for taking out the Trishul. Otherside, Kiran tells Phupha ji God’s idol is crying in the temple. They get worried seeing the idol.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Sandhya will suspect Angad’s behavior.

Angad, who is possessed bby Kapil, goes about implementing his plan for revenge. Meanwhile, Sandhya suspects something wrong when she feels that Angad’s behavior is similar to that of Kapil. Angad will talk in Marathi with Usha. Sandhya will ask him when did he learn Marathi. Angad will say to her that his love is a storm. Sandhya will hug him. Later, Angad will get angry when someone will interrupt his romance.

There, Kiran will blame Sandhya and will say two dies before the marriage and one is critical.

How Sandhya will deal with the situation. How Sandhya will react after learning that Kapil has possessed Angad. And what she will do next to save her family from Kapil and the lady spirit, will be interesting to watch. Keep watching Kawach, sat-sun on colorstv and anytime on Voot.

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