Sandhya to get jealous: Kawach

Ekta Kapoor’s, Kawach2 is witnessing high voltage drama with Sandhya is confused seeing Kapil and there Ranjana’s father died.

Sandhya and Angad marriage ceremony starts at Sandhya’s village. Kapil arrives at the ceremony and he is the childhood friend of Angad. Sandhya gets shocked seeing him, as he is the guy whose face she saw in the temple. Sandhya gets confused seeing him and the engagement ring falls from her hand and goes to Kapil. Kapil returns the ring with a huge smile. There unknown spirit haunts Sandhya whenever she is alone.

Sandhya tries to contact to her friend Ranjana and senses her near her. She runs after Ranjana’s spirit to catch her and bumps into Kapil. She unknowingly hugs Kapil out of fear and later apologizes. Kapil explains her that they are destined to be meet and be together. Sandhya gets confused.

Otherside, Angad’s girlfriend Nisha enters the ceremony. She gets sprain and Angad takes care of her. Here, Ranjana’s father reaches at Sandhya’s village to find her daughter. Sandhya’s father and in laws assures him that they will help him find his daughter.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Ranjana father will search for her daughter in the village. Sandhya will be scared and disturbed because of the unknown voice who is calling her out. Meanwhile, Ranjana’s father will follow Ranjana’s spirit hoping to find her but everyone will be shocked when he will burnt dead body during a ritual.

Later, Sandhya will be upset and jealous seeing Angad and Nisha’s closeness.

Who is the unknown spirit which is disturbing Sandhya? What is Kapil’s mystery , what Sandhya will do seeing Angad and Nisha together, well for all the answers keep watching Kawach2, sat-sun on ColorsTV and stay tuned with us for more updates.