Sandhya to protect Prem from Bhao: Kawach

High voltage drama ahead in Colors TV Kawach.

So far in the episodes it is seen, Sakshi overtakes Sandhya’s body and wills to unite with Angad. Sakshi smartly sends tantrik instead of priest and overtakes Sandhya’s body.

Sandhya in the temple prays to God and ask to help her out meanwhile, Rekha hears her talk and ask who is there. Sandhya thanks God thinking Rekha can hear her. She goes to Rekha and asks her to help in throwing Sakshi out. Rekha refuses to help Sandhya thinking the soul is fooling her but Sandhya made her believe that she is saying the truth.

Otherside, Sakshi after entering Sandhya’s body decides to never leave it. Later, Sakshi herself left Sandhya’s body asking Sandhya to take care of Prem from Bhao. Sandhya thinks who is Baho. Here, Rekha tells Sandhya that Bhao is very powerful and she should be careful.

Now in the upcoming episode will see Sandhya and Angad will mission to save Prem from Bhao.

In the tonight episode will see Angad will tell to Sandhya that she need to worry, as they will only win at the end. Otherside, Shobha will find Ankit missing and Malini will blame Prem. Later, Ankit will come in front of the family disguised, as woman. Shandya will stand shocked.

What more will happen in the show will be interesting to watch. How Angad and Sandhya will save Prem from Baho? Who is Bhao? And why he wants to harm Prem? What Ankit is hiding? For all the answers keep watching the show Kawach sat-sun on colors channel.

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