Sandhya to unveil the shocking truth: Kawach

Next in Colors TV Kawach will see family will learn that Angad is possessed and they will hide the truth from the family.

So far in the episodes Angad attacks everyone but nobody could see him. Rekha finds something on her face and gets shocked. Sandhya sees wounds on everyone’s body and worries how they can’t see who is harming them. Prem sees Angad’s face as the demon and tells Sandhya. But Angad manipulated everyone and says ghost was inside Rekha.

Sandhya decides to help Rekha. She asks Angad to come with her to take Rekha hospital but Angad refuses to go because of the Suraksha Chakra. Later, Angad recalls how he mixed medicines in Rekha’s water to make everyone believe that she is possessed.

Rekha gets into trouble when Kartik assumes that she has been possessed by an evil spirit. However, Sandhya uncovers the truth. She tells to everyone that Rekha is not possessed instead some other member of the house is being possessed with the evil.

Further, in the upcoming episode will see family will hide the truth from Sandhya that Angad is possessed by the evil spirit.

Unaware of the fact that Angad is posssessd by the evil, Sandhya is looking for the person who is troubling her family. Angad’s family knows the truth but they decide to hide the truth from Ssndhay. Now it will be interesting to watch what Sandhya will do next after learning a shocking truth.

Do Sandhya will be able to protect Angad from the evil? Do evil will create more truble for Angad and Sandhya? Well, for all the answers keep watching the show sat-sun on Colors TV.

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