Sanjivani 14th February 2020 Written Update: Ishani refuses to help Sid

Episode starts with Dr. Rahil saying to NV that Sid needs Ishani. Ishani says don’t look at her like this way because she is still looking for the answers as why Sid did wrong with her. She has Sid don’t remember anything but she wants the answers.

Ishani excuses herself and writes something on the glass. NV goes to meet Ishani and sees her writing. Ishani says to NV do not stop her. NV says to her that he is not here to stop her but just want to say her to restart her life afresh. Ishani says she was waiting for this day from past 3 years and now when Sid woke up he remembers nothing. She says she is nothing as her career got over, her relations broke and in return she is bearing everyone’s hatred and Sid gaining everyone’s sympathy. Ishani cries and says she failed. NV asks Ishani to keep patience.

Ishani says now she will make Sid recall the past and give answers to her questions. There, Dr. Sid wakes up and asks for Ishani, his mother and uncle. Rahil lies to Sid and says IShani has gone on round and his mother and uncle has gone to the temple. He thinks he can’t tell him the truth that his mother and uncle is no more. Meanwhile, Sid asks for Ishani and his health worsens. Rahil looks for Ishani and sees NV.

Later, NV introduces himself to Sid. Sid asks him from how long he was in coma. NV tells him that he was in coma from past 3 years. Sid gets teary and says that means from past 3 years Ishani was waiting for him. He shares a talk with NV and NV asks Sid not to take stress. Sid continues talking with NV. He says after getting well he will give a tight hug to Ishani so that she will forget the pain of past 3 years. Sid sleeps while talking and NV takes care of him. Episode ends with Rahil saying to NV that only Ishani can cure Sid and pleads him to convince Ishani to help Sid

Next week: Ishani gets ready to meet Sid to get her answers.