SANJIVANI: 14th January 2020 Written Update: SID AND ISHAANI’S LIFE IN DANGER

The episode starts with Anjali devastated hearing about Vardhan’s crimes. She falls on the chair absent minded and recalls all the past events and cries. Sid and Ishaani hear ward boys saying to Juhi about an emergency and all the doctors are busy.

Juhi herself is busy and wonders what to do. Ishaani says that even after joining duty she’s bit assigned any case. She goes to Juhi and volunteers to take the case. Juhi says that her health condition is not good and she has no one to send with her for her help. Sid offers to go and promises to not touch any medical equipments as he’s under suspension. Juhi agrees and asks them to go.

Vardhan sees them from top. He says that he knows that being Shashank’s son Sid will definitely offer to go with Ishaani. He sees them going out of the door. He says that they are going with their two feet as of now but return back with four people carrying them with white cloth covered on them.

Sid and Ishaani are on their way to the patient’s home in ambulance. Vardhan comes to his cabin and is waiting eagerly for the news of Sid and Ishaani’s death. Anjali comes there and asks if he’s taking revenge on her for her father.

She says all that Sid and Ishaani said to her and Vardhan gets shocked. Sid and Ishaani seeing the strange place wonders if it is any trap of Vardhan. They both take a wooden stick in their hands and enters the house to find someone moaning in pain. They drop the sticks and enters inside the room. They start the treatment.

Anjali asks answer from Vardhan. Vardhan just signs his resignation and gives it to Anjali. He says that this is the answer for her questions. While Sid and Ishaani are busy in their work the guy points gun on them and they gets shocked.

He’s about to shoot Ishaani but Sid tackles him. The cat and mouse game ensues with gun shots and Sid and Ishaani manage to run our of the door. Anjali runs after Vardhan and apologise for doubting him.

Vardhan emotionally traps her saying that he always had a healthy competition with Shashank. He says he did want the CEO post but not by using her. Anjali apologizes and asks him to not leave her. She says that Sid and Ishaani are having some misconceptions and asks him to not quit.

Vardhan agrees and thinks that she’s very strong person but a woman after all. Sid and Ishaani are still running and Ishaani gets hurt that she couldn’t run anymore. The killer is at the back of them while Ishaani falls unable to run anymore. Sid fights with the killer and Ishaani hears a gun shot. Vardhan comes there.

Precap :Vardhan says Ishaani that Sid is no more shocking her.