Sanjivani 14th November 2019 Written Update :- Shashank expels Sid from Sanjivani and A shocking truth revealed.

The episode starts with Juhi taking over the case and Sid is taken outside by other surgeons. Vardhan says that none can be more proud than a teacher when they see their student succeed ahs it’s the same way the teacher will be the most ashamed if his student does any mistake.

Commissioner’s son scolds Sid and asks how could a doctor sleep in operation theater. Commissioner’s wife says that if something happens to her husband then she’ll not leave him at all. Sid is hearing everything in his half conscious state. Media too questions Sid furiously. Ishaani tries explaining them but they didn’t listen her. Finally the security takes them out.

Juhi saves him from danger and signs in relief. Ishaani checks Sid and finds something shocking. She asks other doctor to do all the tests and send her the reports as soon as possible. Aasha watches it from outside ahs says that she herself is a doctor and knows how much dosage should be given so that it won’t be identified in the reports.

Even if something happens Vardhan will take care of it. She comes inside acting and blames Ishaani for the reason for his sleepless nights as he keeps thinking about her. Ishaani gets shocked. She tries asking her but she blames her back and escapes the situation.

Shashank is handling the media who’s questioning about Sid and Vardhan informs him that Sid gained conscious. Sid gets hysterics and asks them to let him go when Shashank comes there. He asks everyone to leave except Sid. He asks what happened.

Rishab badmouths Sid and fights with Rahil. Anjali comes there and separates them. She scolds them for their rogue behaviour and sends them away. She herself is furious at Sid. Aasha comes to Vardhan’s cabin to find him watching Sid and Shashank conversation live with a popcorn. Shashank asks him to explain about what happened in OT.

Aasha sees Vardhan hatred for Shashank. She asks that after ruining Sid he’s more concerned about Shashank. He says that he played this game to trap Shashank and make him vulnerable as he’s his target. Sid falls at the feet of Shashank but Shashank suspends him. Sid begs him to not hate him.

Aasha says how will Shashank be ruined if Sid is expelled. He says that only he knows the truth that Shashank is Sid’s father shocking Aasha. He recalls seeing Sid’s mom hiding from Shashank and done his research to find that Sid is shashank’s real son. He says that his motive is to ruin everyone related to Shashank like Sid, Anjali and Juhi so that he can break him completely.

Thus news shakes Aasha to the core. In the meantime Shashank walks off saying that he considered him his son and he disappointed him big-time. Ishaani comes to Sid and hugs him and both breaks down.

Precap : Ishaani says that Sid is not careless person to sleep in OT. She understands that it’s someone else conspiracy and decides to find the proof before board meeting.