The episode starts with Sid informing Ishaani about a surgery institution US that he has applied long back and wants her to accompany her with him to the same institute. Ishaani asks if he really wants to go for which Sid said that there’s nothing left for him in Sanjivani now. He says that after his father’s death his equation with Anjali too changed. Ishaani says that she wants to stay in Sanjivani as its her dream. Sid agrees to her and says that he doesn’t want to go to if she don’t like it. Ishaani gets happy.

Ishaani gets someone’s call and gets worried. Sid sees her and asks what happened. She says that her Maama and Maami are coming to visit her. Sid asks why’s she worried about it but she brushes it off. Sid finds her behaviour strange. Later Sid gets completely engrossed in his work and is happily working.

Ishaani calls him aside and Rahil asks him to go. Ishaani says that she wants him to meet her Maama and Maami and gives him a suit to wear. Sid asks does she want to start their life with lies and gets upset at her behaviour. Ishaani convinces him that she wants everything perfect as she can’t lose him. She says that her Maama and Maami are like parents to her and is very important to her. Sid agrees and hugs her.

Later Sid meets Ishaani and they both romance while changing the suit. Sid is about to kiss Ishaani when her Maama Maami enters shocking Ishaani. They scold them for their behaviour. Sid unknown of their identity reprimands them for entering without knocking. Ishaani clears that they are her Maama and Maami and Sid gets shocked. They gets upset and leaves while Ishaani runs after them.

Ishaani asks her Maama Maami to give a chance for Sid as she really loves him. They gets into thinking. Sid says Ishaani that he’ll apologize them. He goes to them and apologizes for his behaviour. He says that he really love Ishaani and will keep her as happy as possible. Ishaani’s Maama accepts his apology and wishes to visit his house to talk about things. Sid asks them to come today evening it self and they agrees.

Ishaani is making arrangements in Sid’s house to make it look good. She ordered soft drinks and room spray too. Sid didn’t like it but Ishaani convinces him. Ishaani’s Maama and Maami comes to the locality. They cringe seeing the place. Sid’s mother welcomes them.

They behave all pricey making Sid and his mother uncomfortable. Ishaani gets a call and goes to assist Samaira via phone call. They making use of the opportunity talks about Sid and Ishaani’s relation. They say that though Sid is Shashank’s so he’s illegitimate and they can’t overlook it. Sid fumes while Roshni feels bad.

Precap : Sid says Ishaani that he can tolerate any insults thrown on then but not at his mother. He says that her Maama Maami can’t insult his mother and he can’t keep any relation with such people shocking Ishaani.