The episode starts with Ishaani’s Maama and Maami insulting Sid and his mother further. Sid having had enough shouts at them leave. He says that he don’t want to keep relation with people who insults his mom. He asks Ishaani to take away her Uncle and Aunt from there. Ishaani takes me aside and asks if this is the way to speak with her Maama and Maami.

Sid says that he could tolerate anything thrown at him but not at his mother. He says that he don’t want to keep any relation with such people and says that they can’t be together too shocking Ishaani. Ishaani says that she loved him and will only marry him. She says that she’ll be waiting in alter all set to marry for him. He needs to come there no matter what happens and says that she’ll be waiting for him.

Sid and Ishaani are drowned in their memories of together moments and their promise for each other. They have a sleepless night. Next day Ishaani gets ready in bridal attire while Sid gets ready to leave to airport. He takes the tickets and leaves with his mother and Mama.

Ishaani’s Maama and Maami asks what’s she doing. Ishaani apologizes them and says that she’s indebted to them as she brought her up and loves them. She says that she loves Sid so much that she can’t leave him. She asks them to forgive her.

Roshni on the way wants to visit temple while Sid thanks Neil and Rahil for being there for her. She’s waiting for Sid who’s on his way to airport. Maama and Maami comes there for her happiness and Ishaani gets extremely happy. She hugs them and waits for Sid while Sid drops the locket naming SidIsha on the ground and leaves to airport.

Rahil and Ishaani keeps calling Sid and Roshni but none picks up. Soon Ishaani gets Sid’s message who apologizes her and says that he can’t marry her and is left for US. Ishaani couldn’t take it and rushes to stop Sid in the airport.
Ishaani comes to airport but the security doesn’t allow her on. Maama calms her down and calls someone from authority to check for Sid.

The person says that Sid has left with his mother and Uncle and flight has already took off. Ishaani gets shocked and breaks down completely. She cries hard. She rushes to Sanjivani only to find it burning in fire. Ishaani couldn’t take it as all her moments with Sanjivani rush in her mind. She runs in while Rahil and Neil runs after her.