Sanjivani 19th February 2020 Written Update: NV tries proposing Ishaani

The episode starts with Ishaani recalling the time when Ratan came to her and informing about buying Sanjivani for her despite her opposing. Later he forcefully dragged her to Sanjivani despite her condition. He forced her into a situation where she’s literally confused whether she has to take care of her self or the patients. She says that he wanted her to treat Dr. Sid despite knowing the mental trauma she’s going through.

She says that she thought that he did all that because he cares for her but in reality he wanted to be a hero and made her a villain. She join hands in front of him and begs him to free her from the relation by giving divorce to her. Ratan gets shocked and Ishaani tries going away but he holds her hand. He says that he he held her hand when they got married and will not leave it as she’s his responsibility and her happiness matters to him. Ishaani leaves releasing her hands from him.

Ratan sits crying on bed when Bebe comes there. She says that he’s putting his own life at risk for saving Dr. Sid. She says ghat she understands that Ishaani is needed to cure Dr Sid for once but what’s the need for him to bring her again and again in front of him and create pain for her.

NV says that Ishaani’s life stopped at the moment in the mandap and it can be moved on only when she gets answers from Sid. To the top of it Sid is Dr. Shashank’s son. Bebe says that Shashank saved her as its his duty has a doctor and he shouldn’t take it as a favor. She asks him to forget about Sid and try making Ishaani feel his love for her. She asks him to express his feelings in front of Ishaani instead of letting her dealing with the past.

Ishaani comes to Sanjivani to inform Sid about the past before NV comes. Nv is on his way to Sanjivani. He halts by the signal and takes his purse with Ishaani’s picture in it. He speaks to it that how much he loves her and wishes for her to understand it. Sid gets violent asking for Ishaani and Rahil tries controlling him. Ishaani gets feared seeing it and immediately hides. Sid notices it but none believes it. Ratan on the other hand buys rose for Ishaani.

Ishaani hides in the cleaning room when NV comes there. He comes very close to her. Ishaani says that she knows that he wants to treat Sid but NV says that he doesn’t care about it anymore. He forwards rose to her but Ishaani throws it away as he’s allergic to it. She tries going out but door gets stuck. NV helps her and she leaves. He takes the rose with proposal ring in it which fell down.

Precap : Ishaani makes deal with NV to treat Sid for divorce.