The episode starts with Ishaani and NV waiting in Sid’s ward for him to get consciousness. Ishaani says that only after he gets conscious they could say if he got alright. Ishaani says that she wants to say something to NV. She holds his hand and apologizes for her behaviour towards him. She says that it’s because of him she came back to Sanjivani and also its because of him she got over her hatred on Sid and treated him.

She says that it’s him who brought her out of her depression. She says that he kept all the promises at the time of their marriage but she never for once cared for him or his feelings. She says that thanks will be a small world for the things he did to her.

NV asks her to not say about the past and asks her to think rest as she has performed surgery for so long hours. After sometime Ishaani falls asleep and her head it’s Ratan’s shoulder. He let her be like that.

Next morning everyone at Sanjivani are waiting for Sid to wake up. Ishaani wakes up to find herself sleeping on Ratan’s shoulder. She immediately wakes up and apologizes but NV says it’s fine. Rahil comes there and checks Sid’s vitals. He congratulates Ishaani as his vitals are stable now.

Sid gets conscious and Rahil informs it to NV and Ishaani. Ishaani checks Sid’s memory and finds that his memories are back. Rahil asks where he was before coming to Sanjivani and he says that he was in America. Ishaani gets furious and lashes out at him for ditching her on mandap. NV and Rahil asks her to calm down and wait for her answers for a bit more as Sid just got operated. NV leaves with Ishaani.

Rahil asks Sid why did he do this and Sid reveals the truth that he was actually coming to the mandap for his wedding. But in the middle got attacked by few goons resulting in his coma. He doubts whether its Vardhan or Ishaani’s MaMa and Maami as they both didn’t want him to be with Ishaani.

Rahil says about MaMa and Maami with them in the mandap to bless them and Sid gets confused. Rahil asks him to reveal the truth to Ishaani but he denies recalling last night events where he hears Ishaani’s talk with NV and realised how much he has hurt her already. He gets promise from Rahil too to not reveal anything to Ishaani.

Precap : Ishaani decides to confess her feelings to NV while Rahil forces Sid to reveal the truth to Ishaani.