Sanjivani 2 11th March 2020 Written Update: THE REAL CULPRITS BEHIND SID’S CONDITION

The episode starts with Rahil and Sid looking at the news which says about NV and Ishaani’s successful surgery. Rahil forces Sid to reveal the truth to Ishaani but Sid doesn’t want to mess her life with NV.

On the other hand NV comes to Bebe who’s restless thinking about NV and Ishaani’s divorce. NV asks her what’s she doing for which she says that she wants to see him living happily with Ishaani. NV says that Ishaani doesn’t want to be with him and he doesn’t want to force her.

In the meantime Ishaani comes to the house and recalls all the moments with NV and others in the house.

Bittu comes there and asks Ishaani what happened. Ishaani asks forgiveness from her for not even trying to have a conversation with and always in her self pity. Bittu says that it’s fine and asks her to forget the past and burn the better memories in holy fire tonight. She asks her to move on with NV and start a new life with. Ishaani agrees to do the same. On the other hand Bebe too asks NV to burn the divorce papers in the holy fire and move on with Ishaani.

However NV stands adamant to keep his word to Ishaani and decides to give divorce to hear for her to move on in life.

Sid is looking at Ishaani’s picture when Rahil comes there. Rahil asks him to reveal the truth to Ishaani as her marriage with NV is a deal. He explains about their divorce which will happen once she cures Sid. Sid gets hope to get united with Ishaani and they both decides to reveal the truth to get during holi celebrations.

At night during holi Ishaani says to NV that she wants to talk something to him but NV asks her to first greet her MaMa and Maami as they are coming tonight. He meets Sid and asks about his health.

Ishaani’s Maama and Maami comes there and greets everyone. They congratulate Sid for his successful surgery. Later MaMa and Maami wonder whether Sid has said the truth to Ishaani. Its revealed that it’s actually them who sent the goons to stop Sid from reaching the mandap.

MaMa and Maami overhears Sid and Rahil talk about Sid going to confess the truth to Ishaani. They decide to stop Sid at any cost as they don’t want to break the marriage of NV and Ishaani. They gets shocked knowing about NV and Ishaani divorce too. Sid gets ready to confess truth to Ishaani while Ishaani is about to confess her love to NV.

Precap : NV gives signed divorce papers to Ishaani as he promised. Mama and Maami feeds drugged sweets to Sid and he faints.