Sanjivani 2 11th October 2019 written update: Jignesh and Jessica’s wedding rituals takes place

The episode starts with Jignesh waiting impatiently for Jessica. Shashank teases him to get used to it as ladies’ standard time is different. Juhi hears it and teases him back while Shashank shuts. Vardhan gets happy seeing Anjali coming in the saree gifted by him from distance. But his smile fades when he comes closer as its not the same saree gifted by him. He thinks that she’ll not get trapped easily and will need to do something big. He gets irked.

Jessica comes in a wheelchair there and Shashank, Juhi, and Anjali bless her. Everyone welcomes her while she gets emotional. Jignesh cries and thanks to God for Jessica. He says that he’s the luckiest in the world. He also says that she doesn’t need this wheelchair anymore as he’s there for her. He lifts her in his arms and places her beside him. They share a lovely moment and everyone gets happy seeing it.

Rahul sees Sid waiting impatiently for Ishaani and Ishaani comes. Sid gets lost in her while Rahil leaves shaking his head. They both converse in sign language about their looks. Sid teases her in a sign that she looks terrible. Ishaani pouts and gives it back to him.

She leaves moving away from him and they both steal glances at each other. Rahil sees it and asks Sid of the same but he brushes it off. Later Vardhan holds Anjali by her wrist and asks why didn’t she wear the saree gifted by him. Anjali asks will he force her to forgive too. Vardhan leaves her and says that she would be looking pretty if she wore a bindi. Anjali smiles secretly at it falling for Vardhan tricks.

Juhi welcomes everyone for the function and says that the value for emotions and feelings is what makes Sanjivani different from others back then and also now. She calls both Ishaani and Sid but both are lost in each other. Juhi shout calls them and asks them to start.

Jessica stole them and asks her future in-laws of they are not happy. She asks why are they keeping quiet. Everyone asks them to speak but they remained quiet. Jignesh speaks for them and says that they have kept noun brat for their wedding. They bless Jignesh and Jessica and everyone gets happy. They all start dancing.

Shashank feels pain in his neck and Juhi sees it but he just jokes it off. She asks about their incomplete earlier conversation. Shashank says that he already gave his answers. Suddenly they hear someone saying an emergency. They say that food is over and everyone gets relieved. Sid and Ishaani dance very close to each other. Jessica suddenly faints shocking everyone

Precap: Sid and Ishaani rush to treat Jessica. Ishaani checks her pulse and gets shocked