Sanjivani 2 11th September 2019 written update:- Ishaani’s daring step and Sid treats Neil’s father


The episode starts with Ishaani scolding Dr. Sid after slapping him. Sid tries convincing him but Ishaani leaves before he could convince her. Rishab meets Veronica and Veronica praises him to be God for always saving her from her chest pain. Ishaani scolds him and reveals his true face to Veronica but it turns out to be her dream. Rishab instructs her to take her to scan but Ishaani speaks against it. Rishab urges her to follow his orders and she leaves.

Sid speaks with himself in front of the mirror and asks to not mind Ishaani much. Aasha comes there and mocks him. Sid says that he didn’t do anything but Aasha says that she’s in his team as Ishaani moved to Dr. Rishab’s team. She asks him to let her be in Rishab team as Ishaani need her more now. They see a guy fainting and Sid rushes to help him. Dr. Rishab says Vardhan about how he managed to make Ishaani obey his orders. Vardhan sees Ishaani discharging Veronica and taunts Rishab for the same. Rishab asks Ishaani about it and she says that it’s not needed for her to stay anymore as she has diagnosed her disease.

Veronica leaves and Rishab scolds Ishaani for going against his order. He expels her from his team and Ishaani gets sad. Sid and Aasha too witness it too and Sid asks Ishaani to join back in his team but Ishaani run away. Sid and Aasha gets the message about the guy being unstable and Sid asks Aasha to call Neil. Neil comes there only to find his father there. Sid sends him out and asks Aasha to support Neil. Ishaani comes to her new senior only to find him sleeping. She immediately lodges a complaint against him and gets him suspended.

Ishaani visits Dr. Shashank who teases her for suspended Dr. Hirani. He asks her to go back to Sid team but Ishaani denies it. Anjali comes there and Shashank asks her to wait for two minutes. Shashank asks Ishaani to come out of her past and expresses his belief on her parents. He says that her parents can never do such things and they could be framed. Ishaani says she studied the case and the proofs are totally against them. Shashank assures to find a new senior for her.

Sid treats Neil’s father and Neil watches worried. Aasha and Aman try cheering him up but in vain. His condition deteriorates and Sid asks Rahil to call Dr. Juhi. Neil gets hyper and Aasha tries controlling him. Ishaani because of her righteous ways gets ousted from every senior and none takes her in their team. Aman sees Ishaani and tries consoling her by saying about his friend but Ishaani misunderstands it and decides to leave Sanjivani. Aman tries stopping her but in vain.

Precap: Shashank says Sid to bring back Dr. Ishaani as she left because of him. Sid agrees and visits Ishaani. They dance without touching each other.

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