Sanjivani 2 12th September 2019 written update:- Sid convinces Ishaani and Ishaani returns hospital for Neil’s father.

The episode starts with Ishaani leaving Sanjivani. Neil’s father is taken into the ward. Neil is distraught and Aasha supports him. He gets emotional seeing his father. Dr. Juhi comes there and Shashank asks Sid to keep him updated. Dr. Aman informs about Ishaani leaving and they get into a conflict blaming Sid for posters. Shashank controls them and asks Sid to bring back Ishaani. He agrees.

Ishaani is crying in the terrace remembering her taunts and Sid comes there jumping. She asks him how he come here and why. He says that he rang the bell but she didn’t answer and so came this way and he’s here to take her back to Sanjivani. He asks her to believe him but she denies believing him. He asks for a dance with her. Ha says it’s a therapy and asks her to dance with him. She denies but finally gets convinced when he asks her to dance without touching him. They both start dancing but literally in the air without touching each other. Ishaani gets lost in his eyes and Sid smiles as she’s melting slowly.

Ishaani while dancing places hand on his shoulder and they stop dancing. Sid says that he didn’t put up the posters and asks her to believe him. He reminds her words for Saniya the terrorist’s daughter about her not responsible for her parent’s mistake. He asks her to follow the same with her too. Vardhan and Dr. Anjali inaugurate the luxury ward and media covers it. He convinces her to not feel guilty without her mistake. He says that she’s one of the talented doctors he ever comes across and says that she needs to come back.

Media people question Vardhan and Anjali about Shashank not present in the inauguration. They spin stories about Shashank unhappy with the decision and not celebrating his own daughter’s victory. Sid for the last time convinces Ishaani but Ishaani fails to trust him and he informs about Neil’s father and leaves.

Vardhan rubbishes all the rumors and says that Shashank has already given his consent for the ward. Anjali sees Juhi and says that it’s because of her, her father is away from her. Juhi decides to talk with Dr. Shashank. Neil asks his father that where was he all the time and they share an emotional moment.

Sid says its hospital rule that one should not treat their own blood here. Aasha and Rahil once again have a tiff over Sid and Sid come there. He asks if they find about the case and Rahil suggests cancer. Sid disagrees and Ishaani comes there and says that it can be blood infection. Everyone get happy seeing her and Ishaani says that she’s here only for Neil’s father. They all study the case and wonders if he’s hallucinating. Neil’s father explains his hallucinations to Neil and Neil calls Sid. They search for his medication and decides to visit his home and find the medicines.

Precap: Ishaani and Sid get locked in Neil’s father home. They have a pillow fight.