Sanjivani 2 13th August 2019 written update:- Dr. Sid gets impressed with Dr. Ishaani

The episode starts with Ishaani and Sid’s bickering who are fighting like a kid. Suddenly they hear some shout and gets shocked to see a girl already half dead with a man holding her. They rush her to it and the man informs them that the girl went missing three months back and is now found in this condition.

In the meantime, Dr. Shashank attends the kid brought by Dr. Sid and the fellow doctor thanks him for attending the surgery. Dr. Sid checks the girl and nurses say that there’s no movement in the body and she’s already dead.

Dr. Sid continues examining her and asks Dr. Ishaani to check on her pulse. Ishaani felt slight breathing and checks on her pulse. She finds her pulse and informs Dr. Sid. Both Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishaani starts treating her with necessary treatment and stabilizes her. Dr. Sid praises her for doing a good job in her first case.

Ishaani says that not first but second and says about the hypothermia case she attended awhile back. All of a sudden they hear the girl Sameena screaming violent and both try to calm her.

Dr. Shashank enters the lift only to be followed by Dr. Anjali. She asks if she’s not a good doctor that she’s not capable of taking his post.

Shashank says that it’s not any family business and asks her to understand. Dr. Anjali gets pissed and taunts him and leaves the place.

Dr. Shashank gets to attack again and collapses on the floor. Anjali sees this and rushes to him. She calls out for him again and again. Shashank asks her to call Juhi and Anjali gets shocked.

Somewhere in a flood-affected medical camp, everyone is rushing to help the people. An elderly couple asks worriedly about their granddaughter who is undergoing surgery.

Dr. Juhi comes out after completing the surgery and says that their granddaughter is fine and asks them to meet her. She comes out and is enjoying the climate when she gets a call from Anjali. She says that her father has a brain tumor and he wants Juhi to operate on it.

Juhi gets shocked and recalls her moments in Sanjivani. The call gets cut and Anjali thinks that Juhi cuts it deliberately and throws the phone in anger. She informs her father of the same and asks why did he hide it from her for so long. He says all the neurosurgeons gave up on him and now he’s counting his days. He gets another attack and Anjali gets worried.

Asha waits for Ishaani when their senior doctor Dr. Rishab Vaidya arrives who has lots of attitudes and fakes his attitude. He addresses the team and behaves rude and strict with them.

Ishaani arrives and Asha scolds her for being late but she says that she was treating patients. Ishaani says Dr. Rishab that she wants to complain about someone who says that she’s not in his team. He as her to complain to her assigned senior doctor who’s probably Dr. Sid.

Ishaani is leaving the place when she hears the shouts of the girl Sameena whom she operated. The girl wants to go to graveyard as she thinks she wants to be with her dead mother.

Ishaani deducts that she’s in mental trauma and decides to take a psychiatrist help before going on with her surgery.

Dr. Vardhan finds Ishaani busy in the library and introduces himself to her. He asks if she’s the descendant of famous Arora family and she nods uncomfortably.

Vardhan finds something interesting and leaves with a last glance to Ishaani. Ishaani finds a magazine about her family and tears it into pieces and says that she doesn’t want to be addressed by her family name.

Asha comes there and informs her about her senior doctor asking her to join her in it and Ishaani rushes there.

The operation takes place there and Dr. Sid is covered with a mask that Ishaani couldn’t identify him. He asks her to join the operation and Ishaani complains about Dr. Sid to himself. He removes his mask and Ishaani gets shocked.

Precap: Ishaani says that she’ll complain about him to his boss and complains to Dr. Anjali. Juhi arrives sanjivani and meets Dr. Shashank. Dr. Sid taunts Dr. Ishaani for her childhood.