Sanjivani 2 15th August 2019 written update:- Juhi agrees to do the surgery while Ishaani complains about Dr. Sid

The episode starts with a patient rushing inside the hospital with her family scolding her for doing drama. Dr. Rishab arrives there and asks Dr. Aasha to take her toward saying that she’s his regular patient. Dr. Juhi still not convinced to take over the surgery while Dr. Shashank tries convincing her.

Dr. Ishaani and Dr. Sid are discussing Shashank’s case and the chances of his survival. Just then a nurse arrives and informs them about Dr. Juhi arrival. Both get very happy and rushes to meet her.

Dr. Shashank introduces Dr. Sid to Juhi referring him to be one of the best doctors of the hospital. Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishaani also express their trust on Dr. Juhi and finally, Juhi agrees to do the surgery.

Dr. Juhi asks for Shashank’s scan reports from Dr. Sid but Dr. Ishaani intervenes to assist her in the surgery. Dr. Sid didn’t like Ishaani’s over nosy attitude and takes her out.

Dr. Sid asks Ishaani to stay away from the surgery and orders her to not involve in the case as her senior doctor.

Dr. Vardhan arrives at the same time and asks him to first abide by rules. He enquires about Dr. Ishaani’s complaint about him while Sid acts all innocent.

Dr. Ishaani gets irked with this while Sid asks her to provide proofs against him. Ishaani asks them to directly ask Natasha from whom he got the commission. Everyone leaves to Natasha ward.

Dr. Shashank and Dr. Anjali have a conversation about the chief surgeon post which later turns into an argument. Dr. Anjali asks him to not treat her as a child and Dr. Shashank explains her the reason for his decision.

Dr. Vardhan enquires about Dr. Sid’s scam to Natasha who denies any such accusations. She instead praises Sid for being friendly with her and Ishaani gets shocked. She asks her not to lie but Natasha denies lying. They apologize Natasha for the inconvenience and leaves the place.

Dr. Vardhan scolds Dr. Ishaani to collect proper proofs before lodging a complaint. He takes Sid aside and praises him for his narrow escape. He says the helicopter bills are still not settled but Sid assures that the kid’s uncle will take care of it.

Dr. Vardhan says that he knows the kid’s uncle is him while Sid leaves smirking. He then asks Ishaani to be careful next time and have a proper watch on Sid. Dr. Vardhan indirectly mentions about Ishaani’s family and past.

The argument between Dr. Shashank and Dr. Anjali continues but it then turns into an emotional moment when he casually says about his death.

Dr. Anjali asks him to take care and leaves. Outside she meets Dr. Juhi and acts cold with her. Dr. Juhi asks her to support him at this time while Dr. Anjali expresses her clear cut hatred for Juhi and leaves the place.

Dr. Sid enters cafeteria and searches for his next hunt for paying the helicopter bills but finds none. Dr. Ishaani pops out of nowhere and shows him a family which is well rich enough to satisfy his demands. She keeps her camera ready and asks him to continue while Sid says he doesn’t have time for her jokes. He takes Dr. Aasha’s help in assisting him on Dr. Shashank’s case while he loads all the unnecessary works on Ishaani much to her irritation. Dr. Shashank gets ready to leave for operation.

On the way, he meets all his staffs with getting well soon placards and gets emotional. Ishaani hugs him and says that nothing will happen to him. In the meantime, Dr. Juhi is all nervous about her operation and acts panicked. Dr. Shashank gets happy about all the love he gets and leaves for his surgery.

Precap: Dr. Shashank asks Juhi to save him somehow. Juhi in panic takes lots of time in her operating steps while Vardhan says that it’s not a good sign. Ishaani blackmails Sid with proof. Juhi cries hard in her car.