Sanjivani 2 16th August 2019 written update:- Juhi to abort operation and Dr. Sid caught red-handed

The episode starts with Dr. Shashank leaving for the surgery. Dr. Sid meets him on his way and wishes him luck for his surgery. He says that he is handing his case to Dr. Juhi.

Dr. Juhi assures him that she will take care of the surgery and leaves with Dr. Shashank with OT. A fellow doctor advises Dr. Vardhan to shift all the normal wards to VIP wards after the demise of Dr. Shashank.

Dr. Vardhan praises him for his idea and he is rejoicing the situation. He is sure that Dr. Shashank will not make it from the surgery.

Dr. Juhi brings Dr. Shashank to the surgery after shaving his head. She is still nervous about his condition. Dr. Shashank and Dr. Juhi share a light-hearted moment before the surgery. Dr. Shashank asks her to take over his position if he couldn’t make through the surgery.

Dr. Anjali hears it and wishes him all the best and leaves the OT. Dr. Rishab is examining the X-ray reports of a patient who got admitted in the morning. Dr. Ishaani checks the report and gives her suggestion.

While they both were discussing the case, the girl’s father arrives and blames them for looting money with some medical terms. He believes that his daughter is faking her illness. He asked them to sign the discharge form as he wants to leave the hospital. Dr. Ishaani and Dr. Rishab tries explaining him but in vain.

Dr. Juhi gets ready for the operation but still, she is nervous. In the meantime, Dr. Ishaani case studies the girl’s report and finds her suffering with a serious syndrome. Dr. Sid meets the kid and enquires about his health. He assures the kids’ mother that he will be fine soon. The trio shares an emotional moment and Dr. Sid leaves.

The girl’s father drags her away in spite of her mother’s pleading. Dr. Vardhan asks him to sign the discharge form stating that the hospital will not be responsible if anything wrong happens with his daughter in the future. Her father agrees and still drags her away and Dr. Ishaani watches him. She finds the girl in a very bad condition and gets remembered of her case study. She tries convincing her father about his daughter’s condition when all of sudden the girl faints. Dr. Ishaani gets panicked and asked the nurse to get the OT ready as her condition may get critical.

Dr. Juhi gets ready for the surgery but still in a panic. Everyone including Dr. Anjali watches it from the glass window. She is still hesitant to keep the knife on his head while other doctors look worried. While Dr. Vardhan says Dr. Anjali that it’s not good for him to be exposed for operation for such a long time.

Dr. Anjali gets panicked and enters the OT and asks her to abort the operation. The other doctors look at Dr. Juhi for her order and she says the same. The operation gets aborted and Dr. Juhi leaves the OT while everyone looks at her weird. She enters her car and remembers her words to Dr. Shashank and breaks down in tears.

Dr. Ishaani operates on the girl and removes a huge pile of hair from her stomach. She asks the nurse to show the pile of hair to her father in case if he had any doubts about the surgery.

Dr. Rishab scolds Dr. Ishaani for performing surgery without any proper scans. He says that she is lucky enough that her instincts came through true if not the hospital will be questioned for the wrong operation.

Dr. Ishaani tries explaining him but Dr. Rishab turned deaf ears. He asks her to abide by hospital rule as she is in her first year.

Dr. Asha says Dr. Ishaani about the aborted operation while Dr. Ishaani gets worried. She then sees Dr. Sid receiving a commission from a patient and records it. She blackmails him with it.

Dr. Juhi once again performs Dr. Shashank operation and get frozen like the last time. Dr. Ishaani motivates her. Dr. Sid is thrown out of the hospital. A major accident takes place and Dr. Ishaani arrives with other doctors’ team to the accident spot. Someone tries misbehaving with her but Dr. Sid rescues her on time. He punches Dr. Rishab