Sanjivani 2 16th September 2019 written update:- Anjali’s shocking revelation and Ishaani gets to know the truth

The episode starts with Sid and Ishaani’s romantic eye lock. They both throw insults on each other. Their nok jhok continues. She keeps insisting him to lift her high so that they could get signal. They both share an eye lock once again. Anjali gets a gift hamper with no name. Dr. Aasha says Rishab that she has evidence against him but he denies at start. Later she tricks him to believing her and he agrees that he has put up the posters. Aasha gets shocked.

Anjali thanks Vardhan for the gift but Vardhan denies any such thing. Later Juhi says that it’s her who sent the gift. Rishab threatens Aasha to spoil her career and make her worst dream come true just like he did with Ishaani. He says that he’ll spoil her career and will send her back to the village so that she’ll get married and will have kids. Aasha gets shocked. Juhi invited Anjali to her home using the gift. Anjali first denies but then agrees as Vardhan asked her to. Juhi leaves and Vardhan provoke Anjali to accept the invitation and she agrees. Aasha agrees to Rishab words and Rishab leaves.

Aman and Rahil enter and asks Aasha if he threatened her and she says yes. Aman leaves to fight with him but Aasha stops him. She says about the possibilities for him to throw them out of Sanjivani. Rahil is happy that finally, they get to know that Sid is innocent. Sid and Ishaani are still searching for network and finally they find it. Sid informs Aasha about the disease first and then about they stuck in the villa. Network disconnects again and Ishaani leaves to take bath.

Anjali visits Juhi house and praises her for home decoration. In the middle of the conversation, she says that she only knows to break the house. She expresses her hate for Juhi. They hear bell and Juhi opens it to find Dr. Shashank. Shashank gets surprised seeing Anjali there. Anjali taunts him for not expecting her here. Ishaani explains how they got stuck in the villa to her friends. Neil comes and hugs Ishaani and thanks to her for saving his father. Ishaani asks him to thank Sid instead. When they are about to confess Sid comes there. Anjali asks Juhi to leave Sanjivani. She is about to reveal the reason for her getting ousted from Sanjivani while Aman panics.

Sid invites all his friends the next day to his home as it’s Ganesh Chaturthi and it’s a holiday for them. Everyone agrees and he calls Ishaani too. Ishaani denies and Aasha asks her to listen to her. Anjali says that the reason for Shashank ousting her is not professional but personal. Shashank tries stopping her but in vain. She reveals that Shashank loved her. Aasha plays Rishab’s confession recording and Ishaani feels guilty.

Precap: Ishaani apologise Dr.Sid and she visits Sid’s house. His mother holds her ear for troubling Sid.