Sanjivani 2 17th October 2019 written update: Ishaani decides to not let go of Sid at any cost

The episode starts with Sid asking Rishab to start with only promises as Jessica can’t sit for a long time. Jessica and Jignesh say that they have only one promise. They say that they will be together forever no matter what and that’s their only promise. They say that it’s not easy to get true love and one should never let go off their true love. Everyone smiles happily.

Vardhan sees Anjali crying in a room and panics and asks what happened. She says that her father confessed to Juhi. She says that he’s well aware of her hatred for Juhi still he did this. She says that she doesn’t have a problem with her father falling in love with someone but the problem is only Juhi. She says that after her mother’s death she yearned for her father’s love. She says that her father has invested all her time in Dr. Juhi. She cries hard and Vardhan consoles her. Jignesh and Jessica take round while Ishaani looks painfully at Sid. Anjali says that Shashank is always given her second priority while Juhi is always first. She says that first she stole chief of surgery post and now she stole her father from her too. She cries hard and Vardhan hugs her. He asks her to remember that she’s always first in his life. Vardhan says in mind if he had found that it will be this easy then he would have taken his revenge on Shashank long back.

Sad looks all devastated and Ishaani notices it. Vardhan and Anjali get intimate. Jignesh says that it’s a ritual in his family to apply the red dye. His mother struggles opening the dye box and Ishaani helps her. She opens it and some splashes on her. She cleans it and Sid recalls his past marriage and immediately removes the turban and runs away. Ishaani is about to follow but Jignesh stops her as rituals are yet to be completed. Rahil follows Sid and finds him crying in the washroom. He asks what happened and Sid says that he’s in love with Ishaani. Ishaani says the same about Sid to Aasha. Ishaani says that she knows he loves her and she will find out the reason for him staying away from her. Sid also says the same and says that it should end. Rahil asks what’s the problem but Sid keeps saying that it should end. He says that their love story ends here. On contrary to it Ishaani says that their love story is yet to begin.

Jessica and Jignesh’s marriage completes and Jessica thanks everyone for their love and support they have provided. She asks for her brother Sid and Sid comes there. He gives her a medical visa and warns Jignesh to take care of his sister properly. Jignesh in return warns him to take care of his sister Ishaani too. Sid goes speechless. Later they all pose for a farewell selfie

Precap: Sid asks Ishaani to focus on work and warns to take action against her if she don’t.