Sanjivani 2 17th September 2019 written update:- Ishaani apologizes Sid and warns Rishab

The episode starts with Anjali asking Shashank what’s wrong. She says that he was in love with her but she loved Rahul and that’s the reason she’s ousted from Sanjivani. Juhi falls down shattered. While Anjali behaves mad. Shashank felt ashamed and slaps Anjali in fury. Anjali having dome with her part leaves with few more insults on Juhi. Juhi asks Shashank if whatever Anjali said is true but he leaves without answering.

Ishaani takes peace flag for Dr. Sid and Aasha meets her on the way. She asks Aasha to send the recording for complaining against Rishab but Aasha deletes it. She says that Rishab as promised her with best cases and says that her profession is important for her. She says about her family and throws the flag in dustbin. She gives her rose and asks her to apologize using it. Ishaani calls for Sid but Sid just ignores her. She shouts sorry and everyone including Sid and Rishab hears her. Sid doesn’t accept her apology and asks her to feel sorry for having inferiority complex. He asks her to feel sorry for leaving his team and also for quitting Sanjivani. Ishaani says with hesitation that he’s the best senior doctor in Sanjivani and she can say it with confident. Sid adores her innocent and blushing side while Ishaani gives him the rose.

She sees Dr. Rishab and get furious. She excuses from Sid and leaves to meet Rishab. Sid says that though he hate Rishab still he feels pity for him now. Ishaani asks Rishab about his cheap act while Rishab badmouths Aasha and her background. Ishaani warns him to not mess with Aasha’s career as she’s not complaining against him only because of her. Rishab mocks her for being a simple first year resident while Ishaani asks him to ask Sid about what a first year resident can do. It’s revealed that Canteen dada is Rishab’s father and he asks him to mend his ways atleast now but he ignores and walks off.

Juhi reminisces Anjali’s words while Dr. Shashank recalls the time when he asked Rahul to oust Juhi from Sanjivani. Juhi wonders how a god like figure for her could do such a cruelty to her. Aman, Aasha and Ishaani comes to Sid’s place and wonders seeing the happiness in their little things. Neil tries balloon shooting while Aman says that Sid also belongs here. Aasha starts her praises on Sid but Ishaani cuts her off.
Ishaani gets emotional seeing everyone living there as a family. She sees Sid and they goes to him. Sid introduces them to his mother and uncle. Sid’s mom asks Ishaani if she’s the one who troubles Sid and pulls her ear. She asks her to pull Sid’s ear too like this if he commits mistakes. She hugs her and kisses on her forehead while Ishaani gets emotional. Shashank comes and enquires about Juhi. He sees her praying and calls for her.

Precap: Sid dances in pooja and his mother feeds Ishaani. She asks her to feed more. Goons beat Sid and Ishaani shouts seeing him.