Sanjivani 2 18th October 2019 written update: Vardhan determined to ruin Shashank completely

The episode starts with Ishaani stopping Sid saying that she needs to talk something important with him. Sid diverts the topic with some patient file and hurts Ishaani. He says in mind that he’s hurting her but the pain is for him. He looks at broken Ishaani and says that it hurts him more than her but he has to do it for her welfare. Anjali comes to hospital best dressed and in a very happy mood that everyone look astonished at her. Vardhan gives her looks and Anjali walks Shying away. He thinks that he should thank Shashank and Juhi for making his work easier. He says that Shashank’s destruction has started.

Anjali comes to her cabin and sees her earrings. She recalls last night events and shies. Shashank sees a totally different Anjali and feels something wrong. He calls her and Anjali asks how she looks. Shashank ass her where she was last night. Anjali says that she was out with someone last night. Shashank can guess what she says. He says that he can understand that she’s grown up but she needs to be responsible. Anjali says that these inspections should only belong to children and not parents. Shashank recalls confessing Juhi. Shashank is about to ask more when Nurse calls Anjali for emergency and she leaves while Shashank sits worried.

Sid is examining a teenage patient when Ishaani comes three. He once again scolds her and everyone sees it. The boy asks why’s he scolding Ishu and keeps talking with Ishaani. Sid ges jealous seeing it and scolds him to call her Dr. Ishaani. He reprimands Ishaani too. Ishaani asks what’s wrong but he just storms off saying that he will take strict action against her. Ishaani stands teary eyed and Aasha sees it. She takes Ishaani out and Ishaani says why’s he doing all this. She says that she felt his love for her and cries. Aasha asks her to ask directly to Sid and Ishaani agrees.

Both Ishaani and Sid are lost in each other’s thoughts. He takes his sherwani and cries holding it. He recalls being groom all ready for his marriage when the sudden news of his bride’s accident reaches. He rescues the bride called malvika who was all injured. He says that he keeps the sherwani to remind him that he should not let anyone come close to him. He says that no matter what he should not let Ishaani suffer because of this love.

Aasha and Rahil are in the canteen and discuss about Sid and Ishaani indirectly without mentioning about them. Vardhan self talks and praises himself for ruining Shashank respect. He say s that he has already snatched Anjali and now its time to dissolve his relationship with Juhi. Ishaani visits Sid’s home and Sid behaves rude with her and asks her to go. Ishaani denies leaving before she get her answers.

Precap : Sid and Ishaani doesn’t acknowledge each other. Ishaani’s accident takes place and Sid rushes to her.