Sanjivani 2 18th September 2019 written update:- Ishaani enjoys the pooja and Juhi avoids Shashank

The episode starts with Shashank meeting Juhi who’s praying in front of the idol. Juhi says that she has to take legal action against him for what happened with her. She says all these years she felt that she did some mistake and that’s why she’s ousted. Sid and Ishaani do Ganpati arthi.

Anjali is treating a luxury ward patient and he praises the luxury. Anjali comes out and meets Shashank and he feels bad for raising hand against her. However, Anjali says that she don’t regret her action and once again they get into a tiff. Nurse informs Shashank about Mr. Singhania’s wife’s injury and he rushes to them. He stops when nurse asks for Dr. Juhi. Rahil and Sid sings and dances in front of God. They are later joined by their friends Neil and Aman.

Sid’s mother feeds Modhak to Ishaani and Sid stops her saying that she’s germ phobic. However Ishaani urges her to feed more and she does. She scolds Sid and leaves while Sid apologizes Ishaani on behalf of his mother. However Ishaani is still emotional seeing Sid’s mother’s love.

Shashank meets his friend Mr. Singhania and they greet each other. He enquires about his wife Nandhini while Juhi enters and introduces herself to him. Shashank enquires about Nandhini when Nurse takes her in in stretcher. She says she’s totally fine and Rishab says that there’s no brain damage. Shashank asks about internal injuries and Juhi mocks him indirectly in terms of profession which only Shashank could understand. Sid is still dancing with his friends and Ishaani video records it. Sid’s maama drags her with others to dance and she starts dancing with Sid. Juhi on her way enquires about various patients and passes by Shashank cabin. She remembers last night events and hesitates a bit but then knocks his door.

She says that she’s here for his post-surgery medical check up. Shashank tries explaining but Juhi strictly kept it professional. She checks for body coordination and Shashank is about to hug her but Juhi stops him on time. They both share an eye lock.

Shashank requests her to sit and talk with him but Nurse enters and says that Nandhini condition is detoriating and she’s vomiting. They both rush out. After dancing Sid’s mother applies colors on everyone’s face. She did the same to Ishaani too while everyone gets shocked, Ishaani stands emotional. Sid’s mother takes her leave.

Ishaani wonders about enjoying the things which she hates the most. She dances happily and Sid watches amused. He takes her protectively to the stage and shows her everyone enjoying. They both share a romantic moment only to be disturbed by kids.

The kids’ converse with Sid and Ishaani notices some drunkards misbehaving with Aasha. Sid fails noticing it as he’s involved with the kids. Aman, Rahil and Neil fight against them while Ishaani slaps them hard. They misbehave with Ishaani too.

Precap: Sid fights with drunkards