Sanjivani 2 19th August 2019 written update:- Juhi’s amazing move in operating Dr. Shashank

The episode starts with Dr. Ishaani and Dr. Sid arguing over the video. Dr. Ishaani is hell-bent on exposing him while Dr. Sid tries convincing her but in vain. Dr. Sid finally manages to fool Dr. Ishaani and runs away taking her mobile much to the irritation of Dr. Ishaani.

Dr. Ishaani then sees Dr. Juhi sitting upset on a bench in the lawn and goes to cheer her mood. She encourages her with her previous cases and assures her that she’ll be successful in Dr. Shashank’s case for sure. She also adds that she has received an opportunity to repay her guruji and asks her to not let go of it. She expresses her belief in Dr. Juhi and asks her to find the reason that’s stopping her from moving forward with the surgery.

In the meantime, Dr. Sid checks on Dr. Ishaanis phone mobile with his other patient and laughs seeing her troubling others too just like him for being corrupt. The girl asks Dr. Sid to give back the mobile if he’s done deleting the video. Dr. Sid agrees and starts to leave but Dr. Ishaani snatches it on way. Dr. Sid mocks her for not locking her mobile and casually brings her family in the conversation and Ishaani gets lost.

Dr. Anjali calls another popular neurosurgeon to take up Dr. Shashank’s case as she doesn’t trust Dr. Juhi anymore. Dr. Shashank stays adamant that he wants Dr. Juhi to operate his case much to the dismay of Dr. Anjali. Dr. Juhi enters the same moment and says that she’ll perform the surgery for sure but Anjali mocks her and leaves the place.

Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishaani leave for the surgery but on the way, they see Dr. Vardhan’s plans of renovating the hospital. The plans are mainly based on earning money more than patients welfare. Both Dr. Ishaani and Dr. Sid gets shocked with his planning. In the meantime, Dr. Juhi is all ready in operation theater to perform the surgery while Dr. Anjali stands adamant to be present there much to the dismay of Dr. Juhi. Dr. Juhi finally allows her to stay at the back without disturbing her.

Dr. Sid is about to question Mr. Vardhan for his plans but before that Dr. Ishaani reaches him. She mocks him for his money-minded plans and says that Dr. Shashank, the real CEO is still alive and he shouldn’t take decisions by himself. Vardhan gets irritated and leaves while Dr. Sid adores Dr. Ishaani for her attitude. He then retires to check on other patients.

In the OT, Dr. Juhi gets frozen once again while Dr. Aasha continues her bickering. Dr. Juhi still couldn’t find her intuition to start the surgery and finds Dr ishaani from the glass window. She gets reminded of her words in the lawn and closes her eyes and imagines Dr. Shashank. She then gets her intuition finally and decides to perform the surgery from the nose so that the brain cells won’t get affected. Everyone is amazed to see her extraordinary intuition.

Precap: Mr. Vardhan suspends Dr. Sid and throws him out of the hospital. Dr. Shashank is sinking while Dr. Juhi gives him a shock. Dr. Ishaani and other doctors reach the accident spot.