Sanjivani 2 19th September 2019 written update:- Sid gets beaten up badly and Ishaani cries for Sid

The episode starts with the goons thrashing Aman, Rahil, and Neil badly. Ishaani calls out Dr. Sid but he couldn’t hear in the noise. He finally hears her and starts thrashing the goons. To everyone’s shock, a goon hits him at the back of his head with alcohol bottle and Sid starts bleeding. Later all the goons start thrashing him and he falls on floor They later move on to thrash Ishaani for slapping but Sid comes in the middle and gets the beating. The goons run off and Sid gets injured badly. Ishaani and others call out for him.

Shashank checks Nandhini and asks if her vision is getting blurry and she says yes. Rishab comes there and says about the complication in the scan and suggests surgery. Ishaani finds Sid bleeding and tries to stop it by cloth. Ishaani finds him not breathing and gives him CPR. Sid finally breathes coughing blood. Juhi asks Shashank to not take part in the surgery and he agrees.

Ishaani and her friends wait for an ambulance but it gets difficult as the place is crowded for Ganpati puja. They make a stethoscope using the waste materials and finds his chest clouded with blood. They decide to give first aid until the ambulance arrives. Rishab shows Shashank and Juhi the scan report and Juhi suggests coiling while Shashank suggest clipping. They make use of alcohol and waste pipes and cuts another part of the chest and removes the blood using the pipe. Shashank and Juhi still argue over the method of operation and Shashank finally gives. Juhi asks him to assist in case if he wants and Shashank agrees.

Ishaani and her friends perform Sid’s first aid and take him to the ambulance. Anjali is treating a patient in luxury ward and finds Vardhan passing by. She is about to call him but he leaves in a secret room unaware of anyone. Anjali wonders where Vardhan disappeared all of a sudden.

Ishaani brings Sid to the hospital. She finds him losing consciousness and urges the nurse to call Dr. Shashank and Dr. Juhi. Ishaani asks Sid to not give up and asks him to wake up. She cries calling out for him and Sid gets into the half-conscious mode. He asks is she crying for him and Ishaani nods yes. He asks she’s touching him and jokes about it. He asks her to be happy as finally she’s finally getting rid of him. Ishaani reminisces all her moments with Sid and cries hard. Ishaani asks Sid to promise her to not leave her alone and go. She says that she wants to hear his irritating lectures all her life. Sid gets surprised with it but soon falls unconscious. Ishaani panics.

Precap: Juhi operating Sid and gets tensed. Ishaani prays for Sid in front of Ganesh idol.