Sanjivani 2 1st November 2019 written update: Ishaani building herself back after the heart break

The episode starts with Ishaani getting shocked to the core hearing Sid’s words. She’s too shocked to react. Sid asks everyone to give some privacy for him and his wife. Ishaani leaves distraught followed by a furious Neil and Nurse Philo. Sid asks Aasha to take care of her and the baby and he will adjust the schedule according to her health and she nods. Ishaani is in the intern room and finds it difficult breathing. She tries breathing but couldn’t. Someone gives her paper bag to blow in it and she takes it and blows in it. She stops when she hears Sid’s voice. Sid asks her to calm down and looks worried. Ishaani looks furiously at him and gives the paper bag back and leaves.

Outside she finds her reflection in mirror and gives a self talk to herself to not fall weak. She says that for the first time in her life she let someone close to her one with friendship and one with love. Later both betrayed her the same time. She says that the world works this way. She is a doctor and decides to bury it all and concentrate on her job. She leaves to work.

She’s in taxi and sees Sid bringing a weak Aasha in search of a taxi. She says that despite all she’s a doctor and it’s a basic courtesy to help them. Sid is still searching for taxi when Ishaani gets down and asks them to take the taxi. Sid denies at first but Ishaani urges reasoning Aasha’s condition. He finally takes the taxi and helps Aasha in. Aasha’s purse falls down and they both bend to take it falling in an eyelock. Aasha sees it and interrupts their moment by urging Sid to leave. He gets in the car and leaves.

Aasha and Sid are in their room and Sid is seeing his picture with Ishaani. On the other side Ishaani is also seeing her picture with Sid in laptop. Aasha sees calls for Sid to arrange his things for her space in the cupboard but gets no response. She turns to find Sid staring the picture and gets irked.

She deliberately puts things down to get his attention. She says that she believes he won’t back off. Sid immediately tears off the picture and throws it on floor and Aasha leaves. Ishaani is also about to delete the picture but couldn’t. A parallel is shown where Ishaani admits that she can never gets Sid removed from her life. On the other side Sid sticks back the torn picture and hugs it while Aasha sees it hiding.

Precap : Someone follows Aasha in the hospital. The same person bumps into Ishaani and Ishaani asks who’s he. She turns him and gets shocked.