Sanjivani 2 1st October 2019 written update:- Sid outbursts on Ishaani for being unprofessional

The episode starts with the kids asking Sid and Ishaani to get married. Nurse Philo also agrees with the kids. Ishaani and Sid get embarrassed when Jessica too says the same. However, Philo says that though she’s joking her daughter is in so much pain and asks him to cure her. He agrees to give the best. Nurse says that she doesn’t want to trouble Shashank and trusts him completely. Sid makes fun of Ishaani outside and she runs away.

Juhi is studying a case when Dr. Shashank gives his advice to her for the case. Juhi decides against is advice and he let it go. Juhi asks if he’s not trusting her decisions anymore. He says that he feels her take professional decisions in haste with their personal. Juhi blames him for it. Juhi asks him tot rust her with the fact that he himself has appointed her as Chief of Surgery. She adds that if he has any secret motive behind that too. Shashank gets irked.

Aasha advises Ishaani to do Yoga while she takes care of her works. Sid gets upset with the fact that Ishaani is avoiding her works and giving it to Aasha. Anjali asks Vardhan about the girl getting admitted secretly. Vardhan diverts the situation by giving her a huge ransom as salary making her forget about the girl. Anjali thanks and Vardhan himself says that the girl is getting discharged.

Vardhan then calls Rahul and says that Anjali is taken care of. He says that this money they have invested will benefit them for sure against Shashank. Sid sees Ishaani practicing Yoga and looks at her strange. Ishaani sees him and loses her balance and falls on him. She gets lost once again but sid pushes her and pins her to the wall. He scolds her for her unprofessional behavior and calls it nepotism. Ishaani cries and Sid feels bad. he calms and asks the reason for her behavior. He asks if he did something wrong but Ishaani keeps on crying. He offers her his handkerchief but she pushes it and runs away. Sid sighs defeated.

Shashank and Anjali discuss Vardhan and Juhi. Anjali keeps taunting him while Vardhan just dismisses it off. He then raises talks about her marriage and her recent crush. He says that he’s stilla an Indian father and has already started matching her horoscopes. Anjali walks off shaking her head at the mention of grandchildren.

Aasha sees Ishaani crying and asks her the reason for it. Rahil too scolds Sid for behaving rudely with Ishaani. A parallel is shown with both stating their merits and demerits. They finally decide to apologize the other one. They both see each other and wonders if they had really fallen in love.

Precap: Sid says Aasha that he’s not in love with Ishaani and he can prove it. Sid brings a random girl to date in the hospital and they get cozy. Ishaani sees it and cries.