Sanjivani 2 20th August 2019 written update:- Dr. Juhi saves Dr. Shashank after a major fight

The episode starts with Dr. Juhi operating on Dr. Shashank. A fellow Doctor asks Ishaani about the technique which Dr. Juhi is using. Dr. Ishaani explains about the technique and also says that it’s brought by Dr. Shashank that made sanjivani one of the best hospitals ever.

Dr. Juhi operates on a very sensitive part and the risk factor gets increased as it may lead him to paralyze. Its been already three hours and Dr. Aasha asks Dr. Juhi to rest for a while but Dr. Juhi denies taking rest in between the operation. Dr. Anjali disturbs Dr. Juhi and Juhi sends her out of OT despite her protests.

Dr. Sid arrives and Dr. Ishaani confronts him for being late. He asks about Dr. Shashanks condition to Ishaani who says that it’s critical. Dr. Sid praises Dr. Ishaani for her bravery towards Vardhan but the same time taunts her too. He finds Dr. Anjali tensed and goes to console her. He says that he very well know that she doesn’t trust Dr. Juhi but she’s the best neurosurgeon and asks to have faith in her. In the meantime, Dr. Sid is informed about Vardhan calling him and gets irked and leaves.

The fellow doctor asks Ishaani that if she did something to which Dr. Ishaani replies that she has sent the video to Dr. Shashank, Dr. Anjali and Mr. Vardhan in which out of these three only Vardhan can see the video in this situation and smirks.

Mr. Vardhan shows Dr. Sid the video and suspends him from the hospital for involving in corruption. He throws him out using securities despite his protest. Dr. Sid calls Dr. Rahil and asks him to keep updated about Dr. Shashank’s condition.

In the meantime, Dr. Juhi completes the operation but Dr. Shashank’s heartbeat and pulse start getting low. She panics and gives chest compression followed by a defibrillator. Dr. Sid on his way prays to god for Dr. Shashank’s health and finally, Dr. Shashank survives and everyone sighs relieved. Dr. Juhi gets relieved but due to extreme stress, she falls unconscious.

In the next morning, Mr. Vardhan hears Dr. Ishaani conversation with a fellow Doctor about the success of Dr. Shashank surgery and gets irked. Dr. Rahil calls Dr. Sid and informs him about the successful surgery and he gets so happy and thanks, God. He seems to belong to a poor slum-like area and the kids seem to be fond of him. He immediately changed his wardrobe and participates in Dahi handi competition. He climbs the man tower and breaks the pot. Two new doctors arrive at Sanjivani and discuss the reason for their late arrival.

Dr. Ishaani and Dr. Aasha discuss Dr. Sid when Dr. Aasha spots one of the late arrivals and gets happy. She hugs him and introduces him to Dr. Ishaani who enquires about their late arrival. He says that he had stomach flu which Dr. Ishaani found to be a lie and throws water on him. The other person Dr. Neil seems to be much mature and right person compared to Dr. Aasha and her friend. He’s about to fight with Dr. Ishaani when Dr. Rishab arrives at the spot and asks them to get ready to reach the spot where a major accident took place.

In the ambulance, Dr. Rishab gives instructions to the other doctors and all agree. When they get down from the ambulance they get horrified seeing the terrible condition.

Precap: Everyone hurriedly treats the patients and Dr. Sid also volunteers to help but Dr. Rishab forbids him. They both get into a fight. Ishaani while rescuing girl is about to fall but Sid catches her on time.