Sanjivani 2 20th September 2019 written update:- Sid operated by Juhi and Ishaani prays for Sid.

The episode starts with Ishaani recalling all her moments with Sid and remembers him protecting her. She keeps blaming herself responsible for his condition and is in a daze. Juhi comes there and checks Sid and finds him critical. She tries calming Ishaani but in vain hence she asks Aasha to take her out. Juhi examines Sid and urges the nurse to call Dr. Shashank immediately.

Aasha tries consoling Ishaani but Ishaani keeps blaming herself. Shashank rushes into the war and feels devastated seeing Sid’s condition. Juhi finds him emotionally broken down and asks him to leave. He kept looking at him shattered and Juhi forcefully sends him out.

Sid’s mother rushes in and Shashank exits at the same time and they both miss each other. She cries seeing Sid and Ishaani is still struggling with Aasha to let her meet Sid. Sid is brought out after stabilizing and is rushed into the Operation Theater and Ishaani and his mother cries. Raahil too runs behind Sid stretcher but falls down unconscious.

Juhi gets Sid ready for the operation and Ishaani to enter to join the surgery. However, Juhi prohibits her entering sighting her condition and sends her out despite Ishaani’s constant pleadings. Ishaani goes to the hospital temple and says that she never worshipped him after her parent’s death. She says that she never believed him after that incident but now she feels trusting him and asks him to cure Dr. Sid. She explains that Sid is a liar, his ways of dealing are bad but he’s a good human being and more than that a good friend of her. She says that she needs a friend like Sid and Sanjivani and the other people needs a doctor like Sid. She prays for Sid and other Muslim employees of the hospital perform Dua for him.

Shashank sits shattered in his cabin and recalls all his moments with Sid. Ishaani too comes there and hugs him crying and he pacifies her.

Sid’s mother is waiting outside the operation theater and asks Ishaani to not worry and Sid will be alright. She says that she’s proud of Sid as he is in this condition for saving a girl’s dignity. Shashank enters at the middle of the surgery but Juhi orders him to move out. She asks him to trust her and sends him out. Sid’s mother hears Shashank coming and immediately hides. Vardhan watches Sid getting operated and Rishab comes there and says that he doesn’t care if Sid survives or not. Vardhan reprimands him and says that he doesn’t like ways of the profession but wants him to survive. Rishab’s father to taunts him for his nature. He says that Sid always gave more love than he ever gave him and Rishab warns him and leaves.

Whole sanjivani staff are waiting outside the operation theater and Anjali too joins them hearing the news. Juhi comes out of the operation theater and looks pale. Everyone stands tensed while Ishaani feels terrible.

Precap: Ishaani in love with Sid.