Sanjivani 2 21st August 2019 written update:- Dr. Ishaani’s bold step and Dr. Sid supports her

The episode starts with all the doctors getting shocked seeing bomb blast and not an accident. They find many bodies lying everywhere and rushes to help the needy. Sid calls out for his angry mom who gives cold shoulders to him. She scolds him for not visiting her for two days and they have got a cute NOK Jhok. Sid informs her about Dr. Shashank’s surgery and she gets happy that he’s fine. She also notices him worried but he diverts the topic.

Dr. Juhi waits for Dr. Shashank to wake up and gets relieved when he finally wakes up. They both share a moment when Dr. Shashank asks her to take up his post in the hospital. Dr. Juhi denies and Dr. Anjali watches them from the door.

Media covers the whole bomb blast area and many people are describing what they witnessed. In the meantime, Dr. Anjali enters inside and enquires about Dr. Shashank’s health. All of a sudden Nurse calls Dr. Juhi and Dr. Anjali as there’s emergency due to the bomb blast.

Dr. Anjali scolds fellow workers for watching TV instead of treating patients and hurries them inside. Vardhan brainwashes Dr. Anjali against Dr. Shashank and Dr. Juhi and pretends to help her and Anjali fall for it.
Everyone is treating the patients while Dr. Nikhil goes unconscious seeing the blood. Aasha panics a lot and keeps shouting for gauge. Dr. Ishaani finds someone shouting for help and tries climbing to reach them. She skids and Dr. Sid catches her on time and both fall in eye lock.

Later Dr. Sid leaves to treat the patients. He helps Dr. Aasha and asks her not to panic.

A fellow Doctor keeps passing rude comments on Dr. Preeti for her appearance and Dr. Sid reprimands her. Dr. Rishab prohibits Dr. Sid from ordering his doctor team and they both get into the fight.

Dr. Ishaani finds a girl stuck inside a car with a rod piercing her stomach. She takes fire brigade workers help and rescues her. She tries consoling her and the girl reveals that it’s the parents who are suicide bombers. She says she deserves to die but Dr. Ishaani gets remembered of her childhood and says that she’ll not pay for her parent’s sin. She’s taken to the ambulance but people stop her on the way and wants the girl Saniya dead for her parent’s mistake.

Dr. Ishaani gets reminded of her childhood where everyone blames her and wants to kill her as her parents killed many innocent people. Dr. Sid comes to her rescue and rushes her to leave while fellow doctors safeguard them from the public.

Vardhan gets a call from management who asks them about the chaos. He switches on TV to find Dr. Ishaani arguing with media to treat Saniya. She says that she’ll be treated as she’s a human for them and she’ll not be punished for her parent’s mistake. Mr. Vardhan rushes there and lets her take in Saniya. He assures media that as a human she’ll be only given first aid and will then send her off. Dr. Ishaani starts treating her but Vardhan asks her to vacate her place for someone else and Dr. Ishaani gets shocked.

Precap: Mr. Vardhan throws Saniya out while public cheers for it. Dr. Ishaani and Dr. Sid treats her hiding without anyone’s knowledge