Sanjivani 2 21st October 2019 written update: Ishaani’s selfless efforts to help Sid

The episode starts with Ishaani saying that she will not leave until she gets her answers. She sits outside the house in the cold weather. Sid cries remembering Ishaani when Guddu comes there. He says about Ishaani waiting outside. Sid asks him to ignore while Guddu provokes Sid with the difficulties Ishaani facing outside. Sid in order to take her away asks Guddu to send rodents so that she gets scared and leaves. Guddu says that Ishaani won’t get scared of mere rodents.

Juhi admires Shashank from far and Vardhan sees it. He teases Juhi with Shashank while Juhi gets irked. Shashank comes there and and Vardhan to stay away from their personal matters. Vardhan keeps provoking him and Shashank raises hand against him but Juhi controls him. They leave and Vardhan smirks seeing his plan working. He determines to get revenge from Shashank for spoiling his life.

Ishaani sees Sid watching her from window and calls out to him. She asks why’s he doing this as she know that he’s not a bad person. Sid denies giving in to her demands. She asks him to not keep her away and give answers to her questions. Anjali is instructing Aasha when Vardhan comes there and scolds her for some work. Anjali sends Aasha away and mocks him for his bad excuse. He calls Anjali and she leaves saying that she’ll meet him in his car.

Ishaani sees Guddu peeping from window and asks for his help. Guddu and Ishaani have a moment when Sid comes there. He asks Guddu to go inside but Guddu denies saying that Ishaani is his friend. Sid says that but she’s not his friend and asks him to go. Guddu denies and Sid forcefully drags him in. He wonders how to make Ishaani go away. Ishaani then gets Rahil call and decides to leave as patient is more important than them and their problems.

Ishaani rushes to the ward and finds the patient stable. She asks the case file to Rahil and he stumbles thus making her understand that she’s fooled by Rahil and Sid. She scolds him and Sid for playing with profession to get her there and says that she doesn’t care about anymore and leaves angrily. Sid who was on call with Rahil hears everything. He feels that her anger and hatred is better as it will bring her away from her feelings for him.

Juhi is seen watching Shashank outside the cabin through door and starts leaving but Shashank calls. She asks how did he find her for which he says that he can sense her perfume. They both have a moment where Shashank confuses Juhi by twisting his words playing with her.

Next morning Sid sees Ishaani coming towards him and thinks that she’ll once again question him but she just moves away shocking Sid. He feels bad at her ignorance though he himself asked for it.

Precap : Sid hears watchman saying that Ishaani met with accident and rushes to her