Sanjivani 2 23rd August 2019 written update:- Dr. Juhi becomes Chief of Surgeon and Dr. Ishaani gets confused


The episode starts with Dr. Gupta entering shocking Dr. Sid and everyone. Dr. Rishab removes the mask and stops them from performing the surgery. Dr. Sid remains unfazed and throws him out of OT and performs the surgery. Dr. Rishab records it and sends it to the media.

Vardhan is upset seeing Sanjivani’s accounts graph and gets irked that Dr. Shashank is still alive. He calls Dr. Rahul and fixes a meeting with him. Vardhan hears commotions outside and leaves to enquire. He gets angry learning about the surgery and rushes to stop it. Dr. Juhi stops him and denies entering into the OT. He says her work is over and is not related to Sanjivani anymore. Dr. Anjali arrives and Dr. Juhi says that she’s accepting the offer of the chief of Surgeon post. She says as chief of Surgeon she’s denying his entry in the middle of surgery. Dr. Anjali leaves furious while Vardhan asks Dr. Juhi to handle the media herself. Dr. Juhi agrees and both leaves to talk with mob and media.

Once Dr. Juhi arrives an angry mob pelts stone at her and hurts her. The police try beating him but Dr. Juhi stops them. Juhi asks everyone to listen to her once and then decide what to do.

In the OT, Ishaani removes the rod from her body and blood splashes on her face. Ishaani gets traumatized while Saniya starts sinking. Ishaani sees herself in Saniya as a child.

In the flashback, it revealed how Ishaani on her way to her parent’s cabin meets angry people outside their cabin. They blame her parents for playing with innocent lives and lights their hospital name board on fire. They want to kill Ishaani for her parent’s mistake but her aunt drags her inside a room on time.

Dr. Sid keeps calling Dr. Ishaani who seems to be completely lost. After regaining her consciousness, Dr. Sid says Dr. Ishaani that they succeeded in saving Saniya. Ishaani sighs in relief and moves out of the OT in a panic state. Ishaani sees herself in Saniya’s state and breaks down in tears.

Outside the hospital, Dr. Juhi scolds media for being irresponsible and believing fake messages and videos. The people say that they want Saniya to be killed as she’s a terrorist but Dr. Juhi advises against it. She says it’s a duty of the doctor to save everyone’s life and the law will decide who’s the culprit. The media and people calm down a bit while Vardhan interferes the exact moment. He takes credit for Dr. Juhi’s work and everyone agrees and moves out while Dr. Juhi looks at him unbelievably.

Dr. Ishaani cries in OT while Dr. Sid comes there to cheer her up. He consoles her and they share a romantic eye lock. Soon Dr. Ishaani stabilizes herself and leaves the OT while Dr. Sid looks surprised.

Dr. Shashank gets happy that Dr. Juhi accepted her offer. Dr. Juhi says that seeing Vardhan she realized that it’s necessary to save Sanjivani from him. They both get worried about Dr. Sid being thrown out of the hospital.

Dr. Ishaani is confused about Dr. Sid when all her friends ask her to support him. Vardhan meets her on the way and indirectly brainwashes her in the name of her parents. He asks her to punish Dr. Sid so the history doesn’t repeat.

Precap: everyone still urges Dr. Ishaani to support Dr. Sid. Dr. Shashank supports a confused Ishaani. Dr. Sid is called for a board meeting.

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