Sanjivani 2 23rd October 2019 written update: Ishaani’s efforts to convince Sid

The episode starts with Sid slipping and falling down. Ishaani comes there and mocks him for falling badly in love with her just like this. She finds his act childish to send her to Rishab and keep her away from him. She asks him to say the real reason for his behavior but he denies to budge. Sid scolds her and threatens her to complain against her to authority for harassment. Ishaani asks if he even knew what’s harassment. Harassment is something which he’s doing by moving her from the team for personal reasons. She again challenges him to accept her love in seven days and leaves.

Juhi and Shashank are in it with a just operated patient laid between them. Juhi ask when did he fall in love with her but Shashank says that it’s an ot and these things shouldn’t be discussed here. He fake scolds her while the patient enjoys their nok jhok. Juhi leaves and Nurse Philo comes there. She asks Shashank to reveal the real reason for ousting Juhi from Sanjivani. She says that she herself would have told it if he hadn’t taken promise from her. Shashank asks her to not let anyone know about and says that let the past be in the past. He leaves and Philo is shocked to see Juhi behind him. Thankfully Juhi hasn’t heard anything and Philo covers it saying that they were discussing about Jessica. However Juhi doesn’t buy it and believes it’s something related to her.

Ishaani with Rishab and Sid with Aasha are dealing cases while Ishaani steals glances at Sid. She recalls Aasha saying about seducing and gets into thinking. Anjali calls Vardhan and enquires about his absence. She says they need to stop the thing between them as she’s changing into some school girl all excited for him. Vardhan gets angry at it for breaking up like joke and cuts the call. However Anjali replies sorry and he smirks. He apologizes Anjali ior using her for his revenge but says that he’s not enjoying doing it. He promises his dead sister to get revenge on Shashank by hook or crook.

Sid us scolding Aasha for not assisting properly as she’s new to the cases and Juhi sees it. Juhi volunteers to assist Sid for the day. Sid hesitates at start but later agrees. While she was assisting he involuntarily takes Ishaani name while Juhi smiles at it. She says that she can understand the tension between him and Ishaani and asks him to sort it out soon and leaves.

Sid someone with hoodie on corridor and gets suspicious. He calls for the person and the person runs away and Sid follows the person. He comes to the non operating wing of ITV and the light gets switched on. He sees balloons and heart decorations everyone and calls out for Ishaani. He scolds her for his childish act. He comes out in a sexy red saree and dances around him awkwardly trying to seduce him. Sid understands her motive and also her failed attempt and smiles. He too comes closer to her.

Precap : Ishaani cries in washroom for doing things which she never dreamt of doing ever. Juhi says Shashank that she got to know the truth from Philo.